“Because we just went and took a look and that ring down there ain’t but eighteen feet!”, Jenson, sitting at his desk, sighed, reached into a drawer, and tossed Robinson a tape measure.

Montreal is The Fight City. ", Fullmer was ahead 19-18 on all three official scorecards. 1952: Rocky Marciano | His disregard for the other fellow is notorious in boxing. 1973: George Foreman | 1942: Barney Ross | Their rematch was held four months later, and Robinson won it in round five with a left hook heard ‘round the world. The fourth and final Sugar Ray vs Fullmer match, while action-packed, proved the most anti-climactic of the series. His manager during many years of his career was his mentor, Marv Jenson, who encouraged many youth in West Jordan, Utah, to enter boxing as amateurs.. Middleweight champion. 1956: Floyd Patterson | 2013: Floyd Mayweather Jr. | 1998: Shane Mosley |

These guys knew how to take it and dish it out…. I didn't know anything about being down. Am 2. The mistake was soon corrected. And then in the fifth, something extraordinary happened. 1970: Ken Buchanan | On December 3, 1960 at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California, Sugar Ray Robinson, from Harlem by way of Ailey, Georgia, met Gene Fullmer, from West Jordan, Utah, for Fullmer’s NBA middleweight title, in the third of their four fights. There was an additional $150,000 from television. May 1st, 1957. April 2015 im Alter von 83 Jahren in Taylorsville, Utah, an den Folgen einer durch eine bakteriellen Infektion begleiteten Demenz. Chicago Stadium. There were no knockdowns in a bloody and violent fifteen round struggle that appeared to be going the older man’s way until he ran out of gas in the final few rounds. 2014: Terence Crawford | Robinson opened a cut over Fullmer's left eye in the third round, and Fullmer cut Robinson over his left eye in the tenth. 1963: Emile Griffith | 1971: Joe Frazier |

Decades later, after Marv Jenson died, his family found inside his steel safe a length of coiled metallic measuring tape. Robinson then split two grueling wars with Basilio before taking a long layoff, but legendary champions can do that when they’ve given boxing fans some of the greatest performances in ring history and amassed a record of almost 150 pro bouts. Fullmer was not impressed. Fullmer upsets Robinson in their first fight. A crowd of 7,400 produced a gate of $140,000. Known in years past as "Sin City" and "Babylon on the St. Lawrence", it saw more than its share of ring legends over the decades.

April 2015 in Taylorsville, Utah) war ein US-amerikanischer Boxer. 1987: Julio César Chávez | Der aus der Boxprovinz Utah stammende Mormone wurde 1951 Profi im Mittelgewicht und schlug in der Anfangsphase seiner Karriere Paul Pender, Rocky Castellani, Gil Turner und Ralph „Tiger“ Jones, was ihn trotz dreier Punktniederlagen in der Zwischenzeit als Weltklassemann etablierte.

The rematch between young, tough Gene Fullmer, and the living legend, Sugar Ray Robinson. (Robinson would eventually retire with two hundred fights to his credit.)

His manager during many years of his career was his mentor, Marv Jenson, who encouraged many youth in West Jordan, Utah, to enter boxing as amateurs. He said, 'They counted to ten.'

2012: Nonito Donaire | 1985: Marvin Hagler | Robinson vs Fullmer II is one of the all-time great one-punch KO’s. Just three months later they met yet again, but this time Robinson insisted beforehand on a twenty foot ring and threatened to walk if he didn’t get what he wanted. In einem vierten Kampf gegen Robinson boxte er, wie auch gegen Joey Giardello, unentschieden. Watch Queue Queue. 1992: Riddick Bowe | Going into the rubber match, Sugar Ray was 143-8-2.

Having dominated the welterweight and middleweight divisions for over a decade, he had failed to capture a third divisional crown from light-heavyweight champ Joey Maxim in 1952 when, far ahead on points, the 100-degree heat made it impossible for him to continue. Professional career.

1950: Ezzard Charles | Also, after the commission decided that the fighters would wear eight ounce gloves, Robinson threatened to withdraw if the gloves weren't changed. 1990: Evander Holyfield | [1], 1938: Jack Dempsey | 1940: Henry Armstrong | 1989: Pernell Whitaker | 1949: Ezzard Charles | 1946: Tony Zale | Search. Tags: Sugar Ray Robinson Gene Fullmer December 3rd 1960 history. ". 1944: Benny Leonard | Alas, my friends, we were born too late. I said, 'What happened?' The fight was scored on the.

Their first fight was on Jan. 2, 1957 for the World Middleweight Title. "Gene Fullmer fights Sugar Ray Robinson the first time for the World Middleweight Championship on January 2nd, 1957" Subscribe to your Boxing Fights Collection 1975: Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier | 1951: Jersey Joe Walcott | The Associated Press scorecard the fight 7-6 for Fullmer, and United Press International scored it 10-7 for Robinson.

1961: Gene Fullmer | A ring which, in truth, was precisely eighteen feet by eighteen feet.

That’s a twenty foot ring, ordered to your specifications. “He appears to have very little time for anybody but himself. 1947: Gus Lesnevich |

He beat Olson in the rematch and then took on tough Gene Fullmer of Utah, a young bruiser whose wins over a host of middleweight contenders, including Jones, made him a legitimate threat to the great Robinson. Robinson lands a right against Fullmer. Januar 1957 errang er den Weltmeistertitel durch einen Punktsieg über fünfzehn Runden gegen den allmählich alt werdenden Sugar Ray Robinson. Robinson was in the other corner. In 1955 a 34-year-old Sugar Ray Robinson became the first fighter in boxing history to regain the middleweight championship of the world when he emerged from retirement to knock out Bobo Olson in two rounds. It was exactly two feet long. The fourth and final Sugar Ray vs Fullmer match, while action-packed, proved the most anti-climactic of the series. 1962 traf er mit dem Nigerianer Dick Tiger auf einen Gegner, den er einfach nicht besiegen konnte; Tiger nahm ihm den Titel über fünfzehn Runden nach Punkten ab.

2016: Carl Frampton | 1954: Carl Olson | 1948: Sugar Ray Robinson | “If Robinson is guilty of any sin, it’s the sin of selfishness,” said the champion. Sugar Ray Robinson throws a left hook at Gene Fullmer. “I don’t have time for this nonsense. Gene Fullmer.

1962: Dick Tiger | Skip navigation Sign in. It is a city of fights and fighters, of hockey and heroes, of broken dreams and immortal glory, a city unlike any other. Gene Fullmer (* 21.Juli 1931 in West Jordan, Utah; † 27.

Fullmer began his professional career in 1951 and won his first 29 fights, 19 by knockout.

Chicago Stadium. 1953: Kid Gavilán | The fourth and final Sugar Ray vs Fullmer match, while action-packed, proved the most anti-climactic of the series.

Fullmer struggles to rise but is about to fall again. ", Fullmer later recalled: "I didn't know anything about being hit. 1969: Joe Frazier | Anschließend beendete er seine Karriere. As a result of his threats, an 18-foot ring was brought in from Los Angeles by truck and six ounce gloves were flown in from the West Coast. 1974: Muhammad Ali |

1980: Thomas Hearns | Related Articles. Referee:Frankie Carter70-66. Montreal is The Fight City.

May 1st, 1957. Let us journey back, boxing fans, to a time when the best fought the best and did so not once every couple of years but whenever the occasion arose, anxious as those champions were to prove themselves, their fistic careers now glistening marble monuments rising above the mists of time, testament to their glory and unassailable standing as true ring legends. Sugar Ray Robinson vs Gene Fullmer II. 2006: Manny Pacquiao | Montreal is The Fight City. 2015: Floyd Mayweather Jr. | 2009: Manny Pacquiao | 1966: Dick Tiger | Gene Fullmer (* 21. 1968: Bob Foster | A short while later Robinson returned with both the tape measure and a puzzled expression on his face. 1967: Carlos Ortiz | Sugar Ray Robinson . “You better get yourself a brand new ring. In fact, Robinson’s incredible career had appeared to have entered its twilight several years before. 1982: Aaron Pryor | Robinson had won the middleweight championship for a record-setting fourth time but also added a new chapter to his legend, for the left hook that put Fullmer on “Queer Street” was delivered with such perfect leverage and timing, in such a correct and compact manner, and with such outstanding results, that it came to be known as the “The Perfect Punch.” And it was of course fitting that the man many regard as the closest thing to a perfect boxer the sport has ever seen would land such a legendary clout. Pre-fight predictions were mixed, but most thought time was finally up for the Sugar Man. After being staggered by a right hand in round three and then pasted with numerous solid blows, Robinson faded, while Fullmer went on to win a unanimous decision after battering and bullying his legendary opponent about the ring. 2001: Bernard Hopkins |

Gene Fullmer160 lbs beat Ray Robinson160 lbs by UD in round 15 of 15. Fullmer was fortunate to retain his title with a draw in the third tilt. Robinson schlug ihn durch einen der berühmtesten linken Haken der Boxgeschichte mit einem einzigen Volltreffer in der fünften Runde KO. 1965: Muhammad Ali | 1945: Jimmy Walker |

With him, it’s always me, me, me. 1979: Sugar Ray Leonard | 1964: Willie Pastrano | 2005: Ricky Hatton | 1993: Pernell Whitaker | When a fighter is training to meet Robinson, he sits on a hot coal waiting for the first postponement.”. – George Foreman. April 2015 in Taylorsville, Utah) war ein US-amerikanischer Boxer.. Profikarriere. 1999: Lennox Lewis |

Pre-fight predictions were mixed, but most thought time was finally up for the Sugar Man. – George Foreman. This page was last modified on 2 November 2014, at 17:03. A UPI survey of ringside reporters showed fourteen scored for Robinson, six for Fullmer and three had the bout even. My manager crawled into the ring. Meanwhile, warriors Fullmer and Basilio had fought for the vacant title, stripped from Ray due to inactivity. 1986: Mike Tyson | Fullmer won a unanimous decision over 15 rounds.

1981: Sugar Ray Leonard | So it was a shock when, like a bolt from the blue, Robinson feinted a right hand and then struck with a short left hook to the champion’s jaw that instantly ended the fight. Fullmer hurt Robinson late in the third round and battered him along the ropes. 69″ / 175cm: residence: West Jordan, Utah, USA: birth place: West Jordan, Utah, USA Pro Boxing Career 64 bouts.

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