Restore a family heirloom or transform a discarded piece of jewelry into a new work of art. They say that levels of carbon monoxide found in the blood sample would incapacitate an adult - that their son would have been unable to walk let alone drive a car. So with this level of carbon monoxide in your son's blood you say that it's not his blood, that they've got the wrong blood. you do the maths! It's always been to find that out. Giselle Paul: How can we grieve and get over it? The parents of Henri Paul - the chauffeur blamed for the death of Princess Diana are taking action in the French Courts to try and clear his name. Henri Paul's parents, Jean and Giselle, dismissed the idea that their son had been drinking before the accident in which he, Diana and her lover, Dodi Fayed, all died. We can't prove it. Select a diamond from a private collection tailored specifically to your heart’s desires. Everything was fine. But there were two separate blood tests. But, they revealed in an exclusive interview with BBC Radio 4's Today Programme, they speak about how they've been forced to resort to the courts to obtain the blood samples taken at the time of the crash. And, when you think about it, it would have been obvious if he was drunk. We haven't got the means. I've been an insomniac since it happened. Giselle Paul: It's not costing us anything because he had friends who look after us, fortunately. But it's always been about that, about getting his blood... What reason have the French government given to you for refusing to give you his blood. Work. Your email address will not be published. Creation is our passion. Giselle Paul: On the same night, there were others. Giselle Paul: Then we couldn't do any more. Comment. We don't understand why anyone would want to say that my son was alcoholic. The parents say they will accept the result of an independent DNA test if it proves that the sample came from their son. you would have thought a bodyguard wouldn't let a drunk driver take them when there were other people around. He had his personal driver. For us, it's as if we didn't exist. We found out he was dead but they didn't tell us who he was with. And when I have nightmares I look for my son, my sons, all night. The French Authorities say he was drunk at the wheel. You can imagine how they might have been mixed up. How can you prove that? Required fields are marked * Name * Email * Website. It's too difficult, we have to go back to the same place. So far the French Authorities have refused to release the blood. We want to know the truth. The 28th of August, he passed his medical exam for his pilot's licence. Never. But it's not like that. Would have used a man who was drunk and who wasn't a professional driver? How much is it actually costing? Reine (Queen) - the symbol of love and passion. “He was an MI6 asset. We want to change that. Both of those showed a high alcohol count. 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Diana's lover, Princess Diana death: The controversial theories about what caused the crash, Mohamed al Fayed was perhaps the most outspoken and claimed the couple had been murdered by security services. But whenever we talk to people who know about this, they say it's impossible. That you want his blood to do a DNA test on him. No. Do you accept this? It's five years this month since the death of Princess Diana and for five years the parents of the chauffeur Henri Paul have maintained their silence. Jean Paul: I sleep very badly. Yes. Giselle Paul: Who profits? So you're saying it's ridiculous that he can be accused of being an alcoholic. Jean Paul: We're not experts in pathology. Giselle Paul: Only on condition that everyone else stops.... Jean Paul: Historically, the impression left is that our son was Princess Diana's assassin. It could be that. Surely this is your word against that of the authorities. All our life...But I'm always hoping we'll make progress on the case. But that's always been refused to us. They point to the fact that three days earlier their son passed a medical for his pilots licence. It would be too late. We've had no success. But I suppose if there were two they would show the same thing. But it must have been chaos that night, with 30 corpses on the table. Giselle Paul: I thought straight away that we would have a lot more problems than if he had been, say, with one of his friends , given that he was with Diana. That's the only thing. We're certain that our son wasn't drunk. Henri Paul Henri Paul was driving Diana's Mercedes when it smashed into a pillar in a Paris tunnel in 1997. If not we couldn't have done anything. Do you feel that you can properly grieve your son's death with all this going on? This is a difficult question. toggle menu. If I had I would say. Paintings; Digital; Info; home. No. That's why we're carrying on. Jean Paul: A telephone call at four in the morning. Maybe both. Jean Paul: It feels like we're completely shut out. Has Mr Al Fayed had anything to do..had a part to play in your action? Not at all. A wall. The only thing we want is our son's blood... to re-do the tests and see if what they say is right. Taking this legal action must be an expensive business. Giselle Paul: From one of his colleagues who worked at the Ritz and who was worried that we would be surprised, that we would learn on the radio that there had been an accident. We don't accept it. That could be one reason. Maybe ill will. Giselle Paul: Since the beginning we haven't made any progress. Giselle Paul: They don't give explanations. Giselle Paul: And we're forced to return to it all the time. It's alleged he was a heavy drinker, that he was drunk the night of the accident. And there have been problems haven't there. Giselle Paul: We can't explain it. It's easy to attack a dead man. You're saying he wasn't. But they should have listened to us right from the beginning when we asked. He wouldn't have been able to stand with that level in his blood. Giselle Paul: Yes, it's always been for that. Giselle Paul: Absolutely.

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