“The president had shifted to the 'we' mode now, something he invariably did when a potentially unpopular decision was at hand.

The review of this Book prepared by Walid Khalid Washington D.C. attorney and power broker Joel Backman is serving time for unnamed crimes against the United States as the story opens.

I really liked Marco's time on the run in Italy - it felt well worked. As I said I did like as a character and simply couldn't see how he could survive the situation he was in.

Bring some more tortellini and ricotta, will you, I'm doing research for my new book...". Read 2,891 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. That isn't the case in the beginning but his character is fully developed and he evolves as a person because of his situation (on the run), realizing several people want to kill him. The question is why. Once again another excellent and thrilling novel in John Grisham's collection. You'll have to read it to find out. This page works best with JavaScript.

Good question. Another gripper from Grisham.

What more could I want for a good read?

I didn't hate it, nor did I love it (or even really like it).

Joel is relocated to Bologna, and much of the narrative consists of his touring that city, its historic sights and its many restaurants, and learning Italian ways from his male handler, Luigi, and his language tutor, Francesca—a middle-aged woman with whom he falls in love.
I took it in my hands to take a look at it. It starts promisingly.. Then it gets repetitive and reads like Italy's tour guide instead of a thriller. Book reviews News & Features Video Interviews Podcast Interviews ... ensure that The Power Broker will be acclaimed as the definitive monument to Moses, as well as a key study of the web of political figures connected with, and against, Moses' career. But why this Broker running for his life? He knew his business alright.

The workings of our government espionage agencies are always a wonder to me and this novel gave me another view of their work as it unfolds.

My brother recommended this book. Another gripper from Grisham. Fast paced, beyond the usual Grisham attorney/client norm, the storyline keeps the reader involved with interesting characters throughout. but it does prevent people from reading straight book reviews if they're located on some other person's account.

Exactly what is a broker and why is he playing a game of hide and seek? You know it's going to be a fun book when the CIA is leaking someones whereabouts just to see who kills him. A terrible President in his last days in the White House unexpectedly pardons him. A major subplot concerns Joel's secret dealings with his stateside son to prepare for escape from Bologna if necessary.

I'm toying with the idea of only commenting on books on other people's entries, but although this is a departure from typical GR practice, it might end up just adding lots of complexity to the site.

This is the second time since the first of the year that a "friend" has passed along a Grisham book to me. High powered lobbyist Joel Backman is serving a twenty year sentence for numerous offences, the most important of which is shopping secrets which could jeopardize the security of the United States. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews, Meet the Authors of Summer’s Hottest Mysteries.

For the easy ones, it was always 'I.' The Russians? The first, somewhat sluggish half is immersed in Italian lessons before gaining traction in the exciting second half. Only in America could a moron like you make it to the top.”. The audiobook is abridged and poorly done.

Readers will find an amiable travelogue to Italy and its charms in Grisham's latest.

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