The posts with the highest engagement are uplifting inspirations but they come from lack or sadness. Thank you so much, Julia.

…The parts you know well, and the parts that are waiting to be noticed. This is a brilliant article. You make many great points. She is a VL4 and everything is either right or wrong.

By cappysweetie — February 27, 2009 7:57pm — 30 replies. Reba’s free FB group, Leaders in Self-Love, But Dr. Epstein’s article recommends we look at love a different way.

Thank you so much, Zaria. Self-Love is SOoo important. Often this process begins…, PsychAlive is intended as an educational resource. Empaths: What Does it Mean to Be an Empath?

There is no “there” or “not there” when it comes to self-love. In his interview with, Dr. Epstein advises that we not be so passive in waiting for love to find us, to strike us with Cupid’s piercing arrow and overwhelm us with mental and physical attraction. I think I was complaining about not being [fill in the blank] enough to do a good job with my own marketing. That is HUGE and I hope you will write more about it on your blog! Thanks so much, Dave. Race through to the end, or dwell on a particular step along the way.
xo, Reba, Reba, this is such a lovely course to offer! Hi Reba, thanks for this article, beautifully written.

I’m sure that approach helps sidestep the pitfalls of judgement as we move further along on the path of loving ourselves. What a wonderful course you are offering. That sounds like a really interesting course! Your course sounds loving, revealing and transformative Reba. I believe self -love can be taught.Without this self-love, the person will have no value and self identity. The mentor or course is only an aid, a support – the individual must do this work within. Instead, he encourages people to be more open to love, more open to the flaws in our partners and less dependent on the notion that we have only one true  soulmate. Invite the inner critic to wait outside – you have a job to do!
Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if more people were willing to do the deep inner exploration so they were in love with themselves and who they are to share with the world! Your email address will not be published. This loving spaciousness is coming through more and more, Reba. Great article.

's Diane Paulus nominated for Best Direction of a Musical, Radcliffe-based program rolls out programming, research efforts, panels. Journal about them: they reveal more about the true and only subject of this course, which is YOU. Do little girls really have the right 'to own themselves'? What a sin that we need to learn self-love and that it doesn’t come naturally. The only ‘wrong’ way to use the course would be to make yourself ‘wrong’ through self-criticism or self-doubt. It means embody self-love, to the best of your ability, as you walk the path of this course. I agree with you and blog a great deal about the importance of learning self-love. Do justices really set aside personal beliefs? xo, Reba. xo, Reba.

xo, Bless your heart, Tae! xo, Dear Debra, Truly honored to have these words coming from you, as I know you are deep into this topic as well, and are positively impacting so many people’s lives with your work. 3. Yet having a…, “Feel the Feelings, but Do the Right Thing” Anxiety of changing when you’re moving toward new behavior is normal,…, Throughout our lives we compile a picture of what we think real love should look like.

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