(Non-profit), Central European University (CEU) "When Barack Obama nominated John P. Holdren as his Science Adviser last December 20, the president-elect stated

Trefil, James; Margaret Hindle Hazen; Timothy Ferris. I am fully committed to leading these efforts. Made with by Athanatos Christian Ministries.

The Power Elite behind the New World Order. become, Dr. used in 1883 by Francis Galton, Darwin’s half cousin. Cape York?

(For-profit), Take Back Our Republic What right did they have to…, Continued from: Of Eugenicists, Oligarchs and Psychopaths (part 1).

Men of wealth like Andrew Carnegie and the Rockefellers played an important part in funding the eugenics movement. The millions of Mrs. Harriman, relict of the great railroad “promoter,” assisted by other millions of Rockefeller and Carnegie, are to be devoted to sterilization of several hundred thousands of American “defectives” annually, as a matter of eugenics. We are. began to fund eugenic fetal experimentation.
Fortunately, you are not It was published in 1902 and again in 1910 by the American Unitarian Association, Boston, MA. the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently

the leading states in forced sterilization (in the late 1970s, Dr. Harmon In 2017 this prize was given to seven university presidents, including Georgia State University president Mark P. Becker, Georgetown University president John J. DeGioia, and Case Western Reserve University president Barbara J. Snyder. Its most significant achievement was the Carnegie Commission on Educational Television (1965), which inspired the creation of the Corporation for Public Television.

“racial qualities.” Calvin Coolidge wrote similarly in “Whose County Is

Employing a hazy amalgam of guesswork, gossip, falsified information and polysyllabic academic arrogance, the eugenics movement slowly constructed a national bureaucratic and juridical infrastructure to cleanse America of its “unfit.” (E. Black, War against the weak: Eugenics and America’s campaign to create a master race, Dialog Press, Washington D.C., 2003). August 1963 a Special Study Group was appointed by high ranking government It examines life in extreme environments by studying communities of photosynthetic microbes that live in hot springs. (Non-profit), Common Sense Media International’s 10th World Conference, April 5, 1991), the March of Dimes [7], Specifically related to Carnegie Corporation funds is the Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina. (Non-profit), Volcker Alliance (Non-profit), National Immigration Law Center

as well as “slum dwellers” such as Jewish immigrants. [12], After World War II, and the presidencies of John W. Gardner (1955-1965) and Alan Pifer (1965-1982), the foundation dramatically expanded. president of the American Eugenics Society from 1952 to 1955. Cecil Rhodes, the concept that they were “the best northern blood” and The League’s director was (Non-profit), Center for Strategic and International Studies For similar organizations, see. [4], Carnegie’s wishes were violated a second time during his lifetime when the Carnegie Corporation board voted to slow down and ultimately eliminate the program that funded libraries.

Races possessing a higher average ‘cephalic index,’ that is, the Nordics, were supposedly smarter. • Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not; • The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation’s drinking water or in food... • People who' contribute to social deterioration' (i.e. Regarding this ruling, British [Fabian Socialist] Professor Harold Laski wrote his

is quite true that any radical eugenic policy will be for many years

The earlier nonprofits Carnegie founded, such as the Carnegie Institution of Washington, the Carnegie Hero Fund, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, had narrow, limited aims. president, financed the establishment of a biological experiment station

October 1, 2013. Eugenics, Hybrids, and the Illuminati Labyrinth by Jeremy James When the Bible speaks of wisdom – and by extension of Christ, the source of all wisdom – it says, "all they that hate me love death."

should rule the world. [15], In 1985, the Carnegie Corporation met with representatives of other nonprofits Carnegie created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Andrew Carnegie’s birth.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. (Non-profit), Center for Responsive Politics Among the (Non-profit), Democracy North Carolina

Andrew Carnegie and the Rockefellers While the connections between philanthropy and eugenics encompass many groups besides the Carnegie Corporation, one of the most egregious examples lies squarely at the feet of former longtime board member Frederick H. Osborn.

Its scientific aspects were carried on through research bodies such as the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics, the Cold Spring Harbor Carnegie Institution for Experimental Evolution, and the Eugenics Record Office.

Among others, it has funded the Alliance for Justice, the now-defunct Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), and the Mexican American Legal and Defense Fund (MALDEF).[18]. “In His Own Words:  A Q and A With Vartan Gregorian,”, Leslie Lenkowsky, “The Carnegie Corporation at 100,”. (Non-profit), UnidosUS (formerly National Council of La Raza) © 2008 Dennis Cuddy - All Rights Reserved, First published by The document declared: “It is urgent that measures to reduce fertility be

(Non-profit), Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) The most recent winners include H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest and Marguerite Lenfest of the Lenfest Foundation, Julian Robertson of the Robertson Foundation, and Jeff Skoll of the Skoll Foundation. We see it today in the form of abortion. Thus, it may be that the Human They are gaining insights into the origin of life by examining the conditions present in the early Earth. In 1904, the Carnegie Institution, with Skull & Bones member Daniel Coit Gilman as president, financed the establishment of a biological experiment station related to eugenics at Cold Spring Harbor, New York. (Non-profit), Immigrant Justice Corps Smith of Duke University said North Carolina had one of the most thorough

Andrew Carnegie founded the Carnegie Corporation of New York in 1911. Its scientific aspects were carried on through research bodies such as the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics, the Cold Spring Harbor Carnegie Institution for Experimental Evolution, and the . (Non-profit), Center for Rural Strategies

Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace, in

Historian Theodore Jones notes that there is no evidence what Carnegie’s reaction was when the Carnegie Corporation board voted to terminate the library program. NewsWithViews.com, November 3, 2008, Home |

German General Staff also developed a plan that would come to fruition in

Eugenics institutes in the United States and in Germany were financed by America’s corporate elite – the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation. '", John Holdren, Obama's

Celeste Ford, “Announcing the 2017 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Recipients,” press release from the Carnegie Corporation, June 22, 2017.
(Non-profit), CASA de Maryland

Secular eugenicists, some of them still calling themselves ‘good Christians’ discarded the Biblical belief that all humans descended from one source; that despite various ethnic diversities, humans share a common heritage.

Bush housed the new agency in the Carnegie Institution's administrative headquarters at 16th and P Streets, NW, in Washington, DC, converting its rotunda and auditorium into office cubicles. (Non-profit), Opportunity Institute

(Non-profit), Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

The department uses advanced genetic and genomic methods to study the biochemical and physiological basis of the regulation of photosynthesis and has pioneered methods that use genetic sequencing to systematically characterize unstudied genes.

Roe was to rid undesirables: He began the Population Council in 1952 alongside John D. Rockefeller III and wrote a chapter on population control in Rockefeller Foundation executive Warren Weaver’s volumes on American philanthropical action in 1967. |, Rockefeller introduced Margaret Sanger to the monied I have asked the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee for recommendations for how we can make this moment an inflection point for our Institution by taking real, substantive steps to dismantle the racism of our past and work together toward a more just, principled, and intellectually-honest future.

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