They do find a time, the next day, a break after lunch when most of their small band is resting and Clarke cups the back of Bellamy’s neck where he’s sitting cleaning his guns. He’s going to have a few bruises, he knows that already. She hadn’t seen him in weeks, but Raven’s radios had kept them in close contact. I told my friend to watch the 100 so I would finally have someone to talk to about it and she agreed.

“Yes I do. “Completely,” Bellamy whispers, because he does even though his heart races still whenever his eyesight is restricted. “Good a place as any,” he says and then takes off his jacket and shakes his arms out. “Bellamy’s caravan should be arriving when we do,” he said, and Clarke thanked him and shifted the pack on her back. She reached out and took his hand, noting the fresh scratch that marred the back of it. “This time, don’t stop with dropping your weight, once you feel me lose my balance, see if there’s room to get your elbow in my stomach or the middle of my chest.”, Clarke nods and takes a breath. She shifts slowly and throws a leg across his hips and settles her weight tentatively so she’s straddling him, face still thoughtful.

That’s right, you have the advantage of weight and a lower center of gravity.”, “Yeah, yeah, you understand.” Bellamy stands back up straight and readjusts Clarke again so that she’s got her legs under her. “Come on, you know if I ever went up against someone who was really good, ok, really really good, I’d be in trouble.”, Bellamy gives her a skeptical look and shakes his head.

“They can do that without us,” Bellamy replied, rolling her to face him. But then they found their stride again and before she knew it, they were slowly shedding their clothes. A lucky accident. Clarke shifts her weight and the tickle of her hair on his cheek is Bellamy’s only warning for the soft brush of Clarke’s lips against his own. does this mean what i think it means… are we really gonna get anomaly or flashback bellamy oh my god. long. “Hi,” he said, and she took a step toward him. Clarke and Bellamy stare at each other for a short moment. He made her smile too, his happiness melting into hers like a flame into ice. during season 3 she stays in polis away from bellamy and starts a relationship with lexa. Clarke and Bellamy is the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake. fabledmythologies asked: I have a prompt! No big deal,” Bellamy teases her and knocks his foot against hers. So by this point I think Clarke put romantic Bellarke to the back of her mind, whilst then falling for Lexa, meanwhile Bellamy is now realising how much Clarke means to him and realised he is in love with her when she’s in danger in 302 and I believe Bellamy felt jealous or hurt maybe of that relationship, and felt Clarke not only chose the grounders over her people but also chose Lexa over him. She takes a little step back and then offers her hand to Bellamy. “We should probably help unpack,” he said, and it took her a minute for her brain to stop reliving that kiss. “Okay.

Bellamy takes a measured breath and waits until she kisses him again to kiss her back, just a lazy caress of mouths, no rush, nurturing the soft, warm flame in his stomach. She apologizes … You can beat me up all you want.”. If it’s someone big like me they might drag you down, but you know what you’re doing once you get free.”. “I liked that,” he assures her and Clarke’s nods, her smile growing. Jan 12, 2020 - Explore Aubree reynolds's board "Bellamy and clarke kiss" on Pinterest. Their co-partnership started in the fourth episode of Season One and a friendship developed in the eighth episode of season one. Thank you for helping us reach our goal at record speed! Everyone and their mother can look at this and see Jackson’s smirk in the back and madi and Miller looking at bellamy synchronized like “wbk you love clarke”,,, and echo just sits there staring straight ahead and then looking down like she just knows. Hours had passed by the time Clarke found him again, crouched in his tent unpacking a box of books.

His hand cupped her jaw and Clarke wrapped her fingers around his forearm, smiling through it. She looked up and his eyes were shining, his face so open her heart gave a painful bound.

See more ideas about The 100 show, The 100 cast, Bellamy and clarke kiss. However, in the end, Bellamy helps pull Clarke to safety. It helped to touch him, his warmth slowly spreading through her and grounding her to him. “That was ok?”. Come on they are not platonic…, Hello still out here past the point of melted i have now evaporated(??)

“Clarke Griffin, is this a ploy to get me alone? He packs his kit up and follows her into the woods to a clearing she’s found. He relaxes into the other senses that he still has to ground him.

What, you worried you’re not good enough to take me?” The smile she gives him is flirtatious and inviting and Bellamy takes her up on her offer, scrunches his bare toes against her own and likes that something so simple, so affectionate and innocent makes both of their smiles soften and Clarke drop her eyes from his momentarily, sweet in her bashfulness. “That was very okay.” Clarke’s smile of relief hurts Bellamy’s chest a little and he knows she worries she doesn’t know how to be gentle and kind. He did the same and then they were standing just inches apart, Clarke finding it hard to look him in the eye.

in the time jump between season 2 and 3 clarke starts developing with niylah because she ran away from arcadia. He tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and kissed the tip of her nose.

She looked through the crowds of people, searching, and then found him making his way towards her. “Yeah, I think I’m ready for that.”, “Good,” Clarke says and tilts her face so Bellamy can press his lips to hers, nothing more than that warm pressure, but for right now, for where they are, it’s everything they need.

Check out our budget to know how your donations help keep us growing. “What did you want to work on.”. Because if you wanted that you know you just have to ask.” He’s joking, but Clarke’s little smile, charming and challenging and a little embarrassed makes Bellamy laugh. “Where do you think you’re going?” he mumbled, even though she hadn’t moved. I miss her pony tail alot! It reminded her of the dropship, of evenings spent bickering over a campfire while the rest of the delinquents slept. Bellamy jerks, thrown off balance and laughs. “We’ve earned this.”. “Bellamy’s caravan should be arriving when we do,” he said, and Clarke thanked him and shifted the pack on her back. Bellamy’s bed was hardly more than a pile of blankets on the ground, but it made her smile. He didn’t kiss her and she didn’t kiss him— their lips simply met as if they had both been planning it all along, neither of them breaking stride. No way I’m a match for you in a fair fight.”, “Well you need to teach me to fight fair,” Clarke counters. He trusts Clarke in this moment to know each of their boundaries- knows she’s working through something and is glad she’s comfortable enough to do this with him. This kiss was hesitant, all brushing lips and quiet giggles. Right of the bat shes like 2 episodes in and says “when are Bellamy and Clarke gonna get together” and I was like I’m not telling you. Clarke nestled her face into the crook of his neck and breathed him in. The fourth time they kiss, it's not really a kiss. “Okay, turn around.” Clark does as she’s told, without argument, shockingly, and Bellamy fits his arms around her upper arms, locking them against Clarke’s body and dropping his weight a bit so that when Clarke twists experimentally, he doesn’t budge. He grasps her wrist and pulls himself up.

Makes sense, given her run ins with Roan and Emerson both.

He touches her leg again and smiles. You can try to tip me over your shoulder if you get the right angle for it.

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