Census takers, or enumerators, are employees of the U.S. Census Bureau who visit the homes of individuals who do not complete and return a census questionnaire. Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. This long-winded discussion of how hard it is to be an enumerator on a shortened timeline is just one part of why I feel that this census is in deep trouble. I figured since there is sensitive information involved there might be some level of clearance, thanks. These families very rarely move to the suburbs, not only due to fear of immigrant backlash, but the suburbs often do not have the support system they need. It may surprise some that there are over 112 languages spoken in the San Francisco Bay Area. Is there a bone pile? If this process was used for between 1 and 3% of the respondents it would be viable, but with the immense gaps in this year’s response rate, imputation will be just another useless tool in a broken toolbox. - Flexible hours. The pay for enumerators depends on the region or area in … 6 years ago I was a recruiting clerk in 2010...no clearance for office staff or enumerators as far as I'm aware. Even if the apartment building is a divine Victorian that has been converted to as few as 2 units, these buildings almost always have a double gate system. I have become inured to having doors slammed in my face. - Met some interesting people. All walks of life. My experience in reading these notes is that the training is woefully inadequate or many enumerators are just phoning it in. The situation requires diligent and multi-lingual enumerators. - Despite living in my state all my life went into some areas I have never been too. There are also a large number of charities working to help people fill out their census. It is also sad to hear of many enumerators just lacking proper social skills and not following the field guidelines. The Bay Area also has Mobile Home Parks. A Census Taker WILL: 1. So hiring and training multi-lingual enumerators is crucial, but we only have 28 days to do it. Your response will be removed from the review – this cannot be undone. Consider now, that there are actually several Marina’s in the bay area where people live, Sausalito’s houseboats are famous, and with the high cost of living, many more people most likely live on boats than we are aware of. We are missing a lot of people, and this will affect San Francisco in a negative way for many years to come. 313 reviews from U.S. Census Bureau employees about working as a Census Enumerator at U.S. Census Bureau. In this post, I would like to discuss how this all looks to the enumerators who are the people with boots on the ground.

With the high cost of living in the Bay Area, they often crowd two or more families into one unit, legal or not. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

I got to select my own schedule which totally worked for me being a single parent. Many of these may simply be grandmothers who came and over-stayed their visas, but this is a population that most definitely will not be comfortable talking to anyone from the census, and it would be impossible to do so without an interpreter. The core mission of /r/jobs is empowering job seekers and employees through the promotion of: their best interests, helpful and sound advice, and encouragement. I consider it almost daily. Good enumerators try to link the life concerns of the residents to the benefits of the census, but often they have only seconds to do so before the door closes.

distribute federal funds to states and local governments, many more people most likely live on boats, Bay Area Census Funders Collaborative Grantees, Five things liberals should learn from Donald Trump, Brace Yourself for the Internet Impeachment, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Privatizing Veterans Affairs Made the Department Even Worse, CONGRATS TO ARIZONA REPUBLICANS FOR NOMINATING A REAL TRAILBLAZER. Flexible Hours and great pay for temp job. - Such a short period of time being employed (Little over 2 months.) All walks of life. So, I hang around the front door waiting for a tenant to go in or out so I can slip into the building and start knocking on doors. Then there is the immigrant population that is hidden in plain sight. Census takers work between 9am and 9pm, including weekends. We should have begun in April, but did not begin until August 2020. Census is a unique job opportunity.

Census takers, or enumerators, are employees of the U.S. Census Bureau who visit the homes of individuals who do not complete and return a census questionnaire. If you get a clearance it will be very precise about what the clearance is (public trust, TS, TS with poly, secret etc.) I have spoken to many building managers that used me as a punching bag to complain about other enumerators. Harbors are always locked down pretty tightly, and Chanel Creek does not have a harbormaster, so I was unable to access this area at all. "Assignment order is based on … 10 Things to Know About Census Takers (Enumerators) What They Will and Will Not Do . Language has been a huge barrier in canvassing San Francisco. Definitely did not earn that much working per hour. My area is also filled with Single Room Occupancy hotels with residents who want nothing to do with the government. Enumerators are given a list of cases each day, and if you have not completed your cases they disappear back into the system at the end of the day. And if so, what level would it be?

Please help us get as many people in California counted as we possibly can. Copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. Like any job, my knowledge has grown exponentially just by being in the field, but sometimes I wish I had had a classroom experience. Census workers can have different roles, including enumerator, geographer, analyst, or supervisor. - You do work alone. Earlier, I explained how the US Census Bureau relies on other agencies to help fill in the blanks of closed, but unenumerated cases, this is a bandaid at best. In New York City, the Census Bureau might need to hire close to 13,000 people. - Despite living in my state all my life went into some areas I have never been too. I worked at US Census Bureau full-time for more than a year, Make your own schedule, diverse workplace, friendly people at all levels, opportunity to feel a part of something larger. The majority of those hires will be Census takers (also referred to as enumerators). Census takers conduct the “non-response follow-up” portion of the Census. We were given several hours of on-line training before hitting the pavement. Please fill out your census, encourage everyone you know to fill out their census. Many of these people are not fluent in any other language than their native tongue. - Not everyone will comply with wanting to do the survey. This means no one lives in many of the units we canvas. Component ID: #ti1569385409 Census enumeration is tough work, much more difficult than my job. I mentioned that we try to visit each residence at a minimum of 6 times. I worked at US Census Bureau part-time for less than a year. Immigrant populations tend to be renters. The lack of communication and the insanity of the computer issues has caused many enumerators to simply walk off the job and never come back. Is it a temporary clearance? Census Bureau” written on it. The buildings will all be locked, and in a major city, most people will not answer their intercom system unless they are expecting a package or know their friends are dropping by. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You just do what is required try your hardest to be a great worker. I have also written how the census is in real trouble this year due to political machinations. First, the simple challenges of doing our jobs. Could one post it on a resume? The problem is, where does that case go when the 6th time is reached? I was sent to a boat dock on Chanel Creek near the Giants Baseball Stadium. If your neighbor is elderly and not comfortable with a computer, help them fill out the census. The goal is to attempt every unanswered door at least 6 times.

r/Jobs is not for job listings. The census doesn’t care that the unit is empty, they want to know who lived there on April 1st. - The pay. These occupants are no different than in a large complex, no one answers the bell unless they know their groceries are on their way. Generally went out 4-6 hours a day. Despite what Fox News is feeding you, the largest growing group of undocumented people are Asian and nearly 500,000 of those live in California. I have gained a great appreciation for the concerns of parents and the education of their children via the internet. In the state of California, that can mean as many as 55,000 people. The news has been filled with tech people told they can work from home until summer of next year. Pretty could as many hours as I wanted. I have seen more moving vans in the city over the last few months than I have seen people on the streets. There are many large apartment complexes, especially in the densely populated areas such as the Tenderloin and South of Market area, that were built primarily to house elderly immigrants, counting them without a multi-lingual enumerator is nearly impossible. It was all on-line, due to COVID, so quality is severely lacking. I work all the time but it's for a purpose and I know that I'm helping count people for this once a decade job. This is a big city, most people never meet their neighbor, let alone know anything about them, so while a viable concept in a more rural or suburban area, it simply does not work in a big city.

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