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Click here to find up to date information related to the Town's response to COVID-19, Municipal Election CMYK

3ywEWgSo28b8w+VtB8u6wlnHNLdXFuSbsKqxB04K7LH6ZmcEI5JLJT55VHTwHRypa3JIUTszyDyJ To contact the By-law enforcement department, please call 905-478-4282 or email . Bindicator 0.000000 100.000000 The National Sword policy was introduced to address growing environmental and health concerns.

The Region and the local towns and cities are still successfully collecting, managing and marketing our blue box materials. Av20EXtlL5qlvvRt3XS2vgsxjt7aQ+rCnoNyWWT4W5ooduJoNhiqZ+V4tXjg8zLe2uuxRnTTIJ9X

coffee cups, plastic lined take-out containers) is very difficult to separate back into paper and plastic, therefore the end markets don’t want these products.

Should your Town-issued bin get damaged so badly that you can no longer use it, you can bring back your bin (our logo must be visible) and we will replace it at no charge. eVLfUdP+s6b5UWXT76coUg1ZnQpJczevcc/WMbrwkchQnKrUBFKhQqz+T9d+oz2o8n2c1wZb3989

To reduce these unwanted items York Region is working to educate residents on how best to use their blue box and the importance of only putting in what we can recycle. ��_ SPOT uxVvmleH0UpiqpDb28NRDEkfLrwULWnyxVUxV2Kof69E39wGuD4xUK/8GSE+itcVeWeYfP3m/Q/N 2.000000 2/v3e49pCONPdFCofpGKF7z2lsFSSSOFaURWIUUHgDTFVn1zl/dQTSU6/B6dP+Rpjr9GKurqD9oo CMYK 37urUX4hQ8sS1xNpX5n1vT9K812/11zEtzZmOGQj4DIJGYRlugZwDxr1O3XJxWfJBf480n/fFz/w

The Region and the nine local municipal partners have the highest rate of diversion from landfills in the Province (94%).



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889RYte6fqUxKXcZrYgDhfoI7kUWIfbUU/yf2aZGJ00eRHTr3cknxCtp+eHrTz/o3UfVupbm4nb6 %PDF-1.5 %���� More complex packaging (using multiple material types in one package), has entered the marketplace, which is challenging to sort and market.

Beyond educating residents on what can and cannot be placed in the blue box to reduce contamination, the Region is also working hard to improve recycling processes, seek new markets, and push for producers of products and packaging to by fully accountable for what they produce. To see if a specific item can be placed in York Region’s blue box, use, Clear plastic molded packaging, e.g.

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