Keys are secured within the key cabinet using our robust keyTags. They may be used by staff, students, or the public, depending on the setting. Monitor the use of your buildings keys whilst controlling individual access rights to ensure your critical areas are protected from unauthorised access.

Manage multiple deister solutions within one platform from any location. With your own electronic locker, you get the flexibility to manage multiple handheld devices and equipment without the typical administrative challenges. Keytrackers help to identify who has which key, so that you can ensure that all staff members are fully responsible for locking out … Electronic key finders are tiny tracking devices that can be attached to a keyring or other frequently-lost item. The implementation of our secure electronic key management system automates the issuing and returning of keys, helping reduce your operational costs and resources. Quickly browse through hundreds of Key Management tools and systems and narrow down your top choices. Create a stand-alone system or corporate set-up on either a physical server or virtual environment. The reason being is that keys can’t be located within the key cabinet unless the user has located the keys within the system and logged the keys out. Our key management software is powerful enough to run multiple systems and support a wide range of additional features including fault logging and reservation systems. This allows our keyTags to provide maximum operational life with minimum cost. Knowing who, when and where your keys are means you are always in control and the users feel … Gain more control over access to these valuable electronics.

Key Manager & Practical Plate Control In addition to key manager systems, Keyper® Systems has Dealer Plate Tracking systems in Mechanical or Electronic options. deister’s electronic key management systems provide you with the power to simply and securely manage, restrict and monitor access and use of your keys and assets.

Keytrackers help to identify who has which key, so that you can ensure that all staff members are fully responsible for locking out equipment and that keys can be tracked. Company Reg Number: 3271557     These lockers help provide greater accountability.

In fact, these solutions are often faster than manual methods of checking out equipment. You can even set up alerts to notify of unreturned or overdue keys. Terms & Conditions of Sale     Use an Electronic Locker to secure your business devices.

An electronic safe locker is a perfect solution for securing, managing and tracking business devices. Pack of 1000 Anti-Tamper Biro Writeable seals, 21 key Intelligent Electronic Key Cabinet, © Reece Safety Products Ltd 2002 – 2018 / Company: 04372283 / VAT: GB 787 0410 21, Electric and Hybrid Vehicle electrical safety, PPE Category 1 : Minimum Arc Rating of 4cal/cm, PPE Category 2 : Minimum Arc Rating of 8cal/cm, PPE Category 3 : Minimum Arc Rating of 25cal/cm, PPE Category 4 : Minimum Arc Rating of 40cal/cm, Medium Risk Confined Space Entry Training, Overseer/Topman Confined Space Entry Training, Confined Space Training Awareness for Managers, Confined Space Covers, Barriers and Signage, Arc Flash PPE Selection - According to 2018 NFPA 70E.

Convenient Electronic Smart Lockers from Keytracker. Electronic key boxes, locker systems, and smart devices store, audit, and track your assets, providing your business with the ultimate security and peace of mind. Any operation that needs to control access to keys can benefit from the range of key management solutions offered by KEYper® Systems.

Increase your users accountability with the key cabinets automatic recording of all cabinet use. Monitor the keys usage and have a consistent record of each keys use so you know exactly who has used what equipment and when. Find and compare top Key Management software on Capterra, with our free and interactive tool. The convenient and reliable automatic roller shutter door keeps keys hidden from view and allows the key cabinet to be located in areas where space is restricted such as a corridor, where a conventional hinged door would be a problem. Our modular and scalable key management systems offer intelligent control, administration, and documentation of your keys that you can manage from anywhere. When used in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mode, the lockers are configured for short-term, personal use. With our flexx key cabinets you can store anywhere from 8 to 8000 individual or sets of keys. The key tracking system provided by guarantees that keys are always accounted for within your real estate office. With our secure self-service system, the cabinet door and each keyTag within will only release if a user has been assigned permission. Using a locker does not slow down your operations. The key cabinet is an integral part of the key management system. As the most important and critical part of the system it must perform flawlessly in all environments to ensure access to keys when needed. Whether you’re an auto dealer with a large inventory of vehicles, a hospital that needs to keep drugs secure or a university with multiple buildings to protect, we can provide you with the means to manage and guard your most valuable assets. Expensive devices, tools, and equipment are less likely to get lost or stolen. Ensure your vehicles and their use are accounted for by securing the keys within an electronic key management system. Service Express 24 The KEYper® Service Express 24 is a 24-hour automated key dispenser box dispensing system that works much like an ATM, perfect for Service Departments and Rental Property Management offices!
The flexx key cabinets can be installed side-by-side where more storage space is required as well as being mixed with our smart storage lockers. That’s why deister’s key management systems use RFID keyTags as RFID is inherently more reliable than contact identification. We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best possible experience on this website. Monitor real-time data on system usage and create customised and scheduled reports. Privacy Policy     With the press of a button, the finder will beep, chirp, or otherwise sound an alarm to lead you to your lost item. Key Tracker Systems & Cabinets provide both excellent security for all locks and keys whilst also allowing full tracking of who has which lock or key.

Keytracker, Station Road, Rowley Regis, B65 0JY, UK, © 2020 Keytracker Ltd     Our easy to use web-based software platform Commander is a central part of our electronic key management system. Sold Secure Certification     Key Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in providing asset management solutions and maximum security for your sensitive keys.
Each employee has their own login so that you can track who has borrowed each device and when the devices were borrowed. Our tamper-proof systems are designed so that only authorized users - using pre-programmed PIN codes, access cards or biometrics - can access keys. Individuals can use the locker for secure storage and charging of personal items. With our range of key cabinets, you can store anywhere from 8 to 1000’s of keys, as well as manage other assets and equipment, either as a standalone system or part of a global corporate solution. The roller shutter door makes the maxx a secure key storage system, with the door auto-closing when left idle. The maxx key cabinet allows full control whilst providing quick and easy access to keys to those authorised. Electronic key control systems are an orderly and secure solution for addressing controlled usage and safekeeping of keys.

The flexx key cabinets are a modular solution providing a secure key management system which can be tailored to your current needs while allowing for future expansion. To find out more about cookies, please see our data privacy policy. As a central part of securing keys within a cabinet, our highly robust keyTags come with a lifetime guarantee to ensure that your system remains secure and operational. We even have key control software, letting you monitor access to your key storage boxes and cabinets in real time. For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. The maxx key cabinet blends the functionality of a professional key management system with a sleek design for use in prominent locations. They can be used for almost any personal items. Protect your assets that are sizeable or static by securing and controlling the keys for the asset or area it is stored.

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