The fused mass has a dark olive-green colour, and dissolves in a small quantity of cold water to a green solution, which is, however, only stable in the presence of an excess of alkali. cit.). Five metal compounds, superheated and then fused into one single alloy, are used to create the C-5 frame material.
The two methodologies are fused in a modular fashion using a system of feedback mechanisms. When fused with caustic potash it yields phenol and salicylic acid. The third abdominal segment usually carries a pair of short appendages whose basal segments are fused together; this is the "catch" (fig. Fuse definition is - to reduce to a liquid or plastic state by heat. The child may have clubfeet, and toes may be webbed or fused. sacral vertebrae are the bones of the spine in this region, which are fused together to form a bone called the sacrum. Lime is added to bring down the gold, and the sediment, after washing and drying, is fused in graphite crucibles.

When a glass is called fused, it is usually window-type glass that is first cut into various shapes and then fired. Prefrontal bones are present in the Salamandridae and Amphiumidae, but absent (or fused with the nasals) in the other Caudata and in the Ecaudata. The four suckers are here united to form two pairs or fused into a single pair. in his mind reality and fantasy merged coalesce implies an affinity in the merging elements and usually a resulting organic unity. There is no evidence for the use of fuso in Italian in the sense "train of combustible material," the corresponding word being spoletta; note that spoletta in Tomaso Moretti's Trattato dell'Artiglieria (Venice, 1665) is rendered indiscriminately as both fuse and fusee in the English translation by Jonas Moore (A General Treatise of Artillery, London, 1683). The thermal fuse is one other type of fuse that is used to make certain microwaves operable. completely fused together in his own mind. Also, Apply fusible web to the patch wrong side and, If conditions are right, protons and electrons then, As her daughter tripped on a mop and dropped a box of glass dishes, the burnt end of that, He enclosed gunpowder in a tight fabric wrapping to create the first safety, The Exocet's 165 kg high-explosive shaped charge warhead is armed with a delayed impact fuse and a proximity, The fragmentation and shaped charge warhead is equipped with a proximity fuse and an impact, In the process of being buried under other sediments, these ooids can, At one side, tiny membrane-bound vesicles move towards the Golgi body and, He wanted to do a first-person narrative describing a real human story and he wanted to, The high explosive fragmentation warhead is fitted with an active laser proximity, Within these putrescent pools, black pycniospores, In most diplonts, mitosis occurs only in the diploid phase, i.e. At the first division, the maternal and paternal chromosomes fuse together to form a bivalent, during which crossing-over occurs. I 've had the top cover off, looked at connections have n't found a fuse nor reset switch.

Biting mandibles; second maxillae completely fused. Fuse; Fusing; Fused; Fuses; 1. The solution of metallic chlorides or sulphates so obtained is precipitated by iron, the metallic bismuth filtered, washed with water, pressed in canvas bags, and finally fused in graphite crucibles, the surface being protected by a layer of charcoal. Intermediate somites forming a mesosoma occur, but tend to fuse superficially with the metasomatic carapace or to become co-ordinated with the somites of the metasoma, whether fused or distinct to form one region, the opisthosoma (abdomen of authors).

But the proximal pair are often fused into a single median antenna (supplied, however, by two nerves), and in one case at least the distal pair may be similarly fused.
Smith Fuse Regulator Rose Lens Ski/Snowboard Goggles from are one option.

Syndactyly and polydactyly may occur simultaneously when extra digits are fused in a condition known as polysyndactyly.

We have also complex sagas put together in the 13th century out of the scrolls relating to a given locality, such a group as still exists untouched in Vapnfcrdinga being fused into such a saga as Niala or Laxdeela. If the fuse says zero, then it's time to check the door switch. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

Many of the sentences have audio, too.

It is also fused with apricot nut oil to bring further soothing action and protection from aging. Fuse all Kinstones, then speak to Tingle to get a golden Tingle statue. Mandibles fused into a piercer; first maxillae developed as piercers; palps of both pairs of maxillae present; hypopharynx wanting. In many beetles the hindwings are reduced to mere vestiges useless for flight, or are altogether absent, and in such cases the two elytra are often fused together at the suture; thus organs originally intended for flight have been transformed into an armour-like covering for the beetle's hind-body.

Those sheets are fused together with heat and pressure in a protective atmosphere to create the patterned layers.

Once the growth plates have fused, GH replacement therapy is rarely effective. 1902, 35, p. 3612) employed a mixture of calcium chloride (ioo parts) and fluorspar (16.5 parts), which was fused in a porcelain crucible and electrolysed with a carbon anode and an iron cathode.

Rarely the inflorescence consists of very few flowers; thus Lygeum Spartum, the most anomalous of European grasses, has but two or three large uniflorous spikelets, which are fused together at the base, and have no basal glumes, but are enveloped in a large, hooded, spathe-like bract.


In nearly all cases the nuclei appear to fuse in the resting stage (fig. Sometimes a child may end up with more than 46 chromosomes because of problems with the father's sperm or the mother's egg or because of mutations that occurred after the sperm and the egg fused to form the embryo (conception).

They meant to light the fuse on his emotions and power by taking what he cared for most. It is infusible at temperatures up to 2000° C., but can be fused in the electric arc. His sudden return, far from widening the breaches between the allies, had fused them indissolubly together, and the four powers bound themselves to put 150,000 men apiece under arms and to maintain them in the field until Napoleon had been utterly crushed. In this sense the doctrine of the Trinity was the synthesis, and summary, of all that was highest in the Hebrew and Hellenic conceptions of God, fused into union by the electric touch of the Incarnation.". The fused basal segments of the appendages form the "manubrium" of the spring, which carries the two "dentes" (usually elongate II. The dark green PPE coating is fused to the metal wires ensuring an extremely durable finish that looks great. Hawkins came up later on with my helmet and the, But they were detached fires, and they did not, A mica slip has metal terminals at its ends and a, The bomb, he knew, should be carried back to camp, lest the, Elizabeth hid while I reported to the Super and traded in my time.

The two branches of the party, the Conserva tives and the Liberal Unionists, had indeed been fused, in May 1912, into one party with a combined national Unionist organization. Fused sentence examples.

From the nitrate are made (a) argenti nitras indurata, toughened caustic, containing 19 parts of silver nitrate and one of potassium nitrate fused together into cylindrical rods; (b) Argenti nitras mitigatus, mitigated caustic, in which 1 part of silver nitrate and 2 parts of potassium nitrate are fused together into rods or cones. Electrolytic processes had, in fact, been considered since 1851, when Charles Watt patented his method for the production of sodium and potassium from fused chlorides. In many Basidiomycetes minute branches arise below the septa; their tips curve over the outside of the latter, and fuse with the cell above just beyond it, forming a clamp-connexion.

In Sporodinia the branches give rise also to short branches, which meet and fuse their contents to form zygospores.

Of other medieval glass may be noted the splendid glass vases for lamps, with Arab inscriptions fused in colors on the outsides. to combine into one thing. The action was started in the cold, the alkali being slightly moistened to render it a conductor; then, as the current passed, heat was produced and the alkali fused, the metal being deposited in the liquid condition. proximity fuse was eventually fitted to replace the coded signal. Martha quickly explained, leaving Quinn's short fuse unlit. Gaps then appear in the apposed surfaces, usually at the isthmus; the entire protoplasts either pass out to melt into one another clear of the old walls, or partly pass out and fuse without complete detachment from the old walls.

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