Sam and Cat previously met each other in the 2011 iCarly crossover episode "iParty with Victorious", but neither of them made many contacts. Like Hayley, she didn't appear to be intimidated by Jade. Andre is an aspiring musician who loves to perform and write his songs. Tori likes to point out at times that her father is a cop, usually to Sinjin, but also to others, especially if someone is annoying her. He has a bratty son named Francis who Mason wanted to buy Rex from Robbie for. Andre's nickname for her is "Little Red", which she took offense to at first, but then called it "creative". After Jade and Cat convince Hayley and Tara to compete for the audience's votes against another person of their choosing, Tori's performance of Freak the Freak Out, under the disguise of Louise Nordoff easily beats them. Porn stars like Jenna Jameson have made no secret of their real identities but the personal details of thousands of adult entertainment performers have been leaked by a Netherlands-based website. The song is about what a great person she is, and how they get along so well, and that she is all he thinks about. She is depicted as creative, nice, caring, forgiving, responsible, positive, easy-going, and friendly, though she can be sneaky and vindictive, going as low as to manipulate her friends and family (especially Trina), but will always do the right thing in the end. (Tori looks up) Time to sing. He has a nephew named Devon, as seen in "The Diddly-Bops". In some episodes, the two seem to be moving towards becoming friends, although most of the time, Jade seems to be "frenemies" with Tori. On TheSlap, Cat revealed he is not allowed outside by himself and that he plays "hide and seek" with the police. Jade (to Hayley): Anyone in this place could beat you morons. Tori is shown to care for her friends and family a lot and is willing to help them no matter what, even when hesitant to. Lane is a good guidance counselor, and often helps students with their problems and resolves their arguments, but sometimes can be reluctant at times, asking students "Why Me?". She is very computer illiterate and constantly has to ask Robbie for help to the point where he is annoyed and convinces her that the internet has been canceled. Helen also made an appearance in Game Shakers, as a television show host. His catchphrase is "Good Gandhi!" Robbie has had Rex since he was young. This is a list of characters from the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious. He is a fan of disco music and has a huge crush on Tori and Jade, although both show more irritation than the interest in his presence. Charlotte Harris - First name "Charlotte" revealed in a video on Beck Oliver (portrayed by Avan Jogia) is Jade's boyfriend. They often either ignore or neglect Trina and Tori's needs. Though he is rarely seen in the show, he is mentioned in many episodes. Sinjin is skilled in the background work on the school's productions and performances. Rex Powers (physically portrayed by a ventriloquist dummy named Christopher Cane, performed by Matt Bennett, voiced by an uncredited Jake Farrow[3]) is Robbie's alter ego, who is a dummy that Robbie carries around everywhere. In the episode, "Tori Fixes Beck and Jade", Beck tries dating a girl named Meredith, who wants to do anything he wants, causing him to realize how he prefers dating a girl who "fights back" and "has a big mouth" because it is not easy and that an easy relationship to him is "boring". He is also seen in the episode "How Trina Got In," where he appears in the flashbacks of Andre, Jade, Beck, and Sikowitz. When Tori and Cat found out, Cat is shocked and Tori gives Cat a gesture to never speak of this to anyone. Cat: You can make out with Jade's boyfriend! After Jade returned to confront Hayley about flirting with Beck, Tara noticed that the gang went to Hollywood Arts High School causing both to look down on them all. Hayley: Aw! In the spin-off, Sam officially meets Cat after saving her from the garbage truck. Mrs. Lee (portrayed by Susan Chuang) is the owner of Tori's favorite Chinese restaurant Wok Star, who volunteers to pay to produce Jade's play in the episode "Wok Star".

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