While you can skip the wedding photographer altogether, having someone there to document your big day is something you’ll never regret (whereas not having any photos might definitely bum you out later).

In 2013 I shot seventy-five elopements, of which a majority were at the Manhattan City Clerk’s Office Marriage Bureau. To schedule your ceremony at City Hall you will need to call the Marriage License Department at (215) 686-2233 after you have obtained your marriage license (they won’t disclose any scheduling details until you have this). If previously married: You must provide a copy of your final divorce decree that has the County stamp on it as to where it was filed.

There are a LOT of benefits to having a City Hall wedding.

Your experience at City Hall is what you make of it. Only after it has been legally recorded will you receive your legal copy of the marriage certificate.

How Do I Get My Mom To Follow The Mask Mandate At My Wedding?

Marriages are performed at each site by volunteer officiants, but you are free to take the license elsewhere to marry. So, how do you have the best City Hall wedding ever?

Your marriage certificate must be returned to the Norwalk office to be legally recorded. However, because the county of Los Angeles presides over the registrar rather than the city doing so itself, getting married at the Los Angeles City Hall is a less than straightforward affair.

Many couples have a romantic idea to run off to City Hall one morning to get married in a private, no-frills ceremony. She has been published as a poet in "Fine Lines Magazine." And compared to planning a traditional wedding, it is.

I’m not aware of any strict guest limit imposed by the bureau, but the waiting area can get crowded on busy days and the chapels are not large rooms. They’re only 2.5 miles apart, but there’s significant differences, and pros and cons to both.

Andrea Hamilton has enjoyed being a writer since 1996. The LAX Courthouse is the most modern of the locations but parking is expensive. In order to be legally married in a Los Angeles City Hall or branch office location, you must have a valid marriage license issued by Los Angeles County. If you tell them you’re getting married you might even get it for free! Enjoy yourselves! Both rooms can fit around 20 people, and have a long bench for you and your guests to put down coats and bags.

If you’re hiring a photographer to cover your day, they should be more than happy to act as your witness (I always am!). The officiant will then begin, the ceremony will last roughly a minute, and that’s it — you’re married! Does if matter where we get our marriage license? Very helpful post!

Any couple can get married as long as each person is 18 or older, and currently not married.

How Do I Celebrate My Friends Who Had To Cancel Their 2020 Wedding? A solid twenty-four hours after you’ve obtained your license, you can return to the marriage bureau to have the ceremony performed, which costs $25 and takes place in either the East or West Chapel within the building.

But before you send out the invites, find out how many guests you are allowed to have with you at City Hall. The more research you do ahead of time, the better.

Whatever you choose the earlier you can make reservations and get the wheels in motion, the better! Once inside, show your marriage license and government-issued photo IDs to the attendant, who will give you a ticket with a number.

East Los Angeles is notorious for its long lines, but may be in a more convenient location for friends and family. City Hall weddings are increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. This time your whole wedding party will go to Station 5, where you’ll present the paperwork you just signed, and then go to the back atrium where you’ll wait for your names to be called. I suggest you go for something unique and amazing…a dress or pantsuit that you would definitely feel comfortable wearing on the subway or cab or restaurant afterwards. Like any other woman getting married, you want to be prepared!

A solid twenty-four hours after you’ve obtained your license, you can return to the marriage bureau to have the ceremony performed, which costs $25 and takes place in either the East or West Chapel within the … Stop thinking about it—do it.

Have you decided on getting married at NYC City Hall, but aren’t sure whether to have your wedding at the Manhattan or Brooklyn City Clerk’s Office? We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate programs. Afterward, your whole wedding party will go to the back room where you’ll wait for your names to be called. Do you want to go to your favorite restaurant with a group of family and friends (a la Sex in the City)?

One of the marriage officiants with the marriage bureau will perform your ceremony. Deciding you want to invite your closest family and friends is amazing, but it can also be extremely hard to par down your guest list. Please read our comment policy before you comment. Now what? Any sense of the average wait time for marriages at the manhattan city hall? Please keep in mind. Here is my latest guide with tips on organising civil ceremony, I enjoyed studying this, appreciate it: http://www.poptop.uk.com/events/2016/01/22/how-organize-civil-ceremony/. Find out everything you need to know about marriage licenses and waiting times (and fees) here.

Please Don't Ask Me To Be Your Bridesmaid, My Friend Is Angry That I Won't Buy a $15K Bridesmaid Dress, I'm the MOH, and the Bride Is Calling Me "Her Personal Stage Manager".

Contact the city hall's representative to see which rooms are available for use and make an appointment at the time you want to wed. The bureau closes at 3:45 PM, but this actually just means you have to be in the door and past the front desk by that time.

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