Keith Waldrop is author of numerous collections of poetry and is the translator of The Selected Poems of Edmond Jabes, as well as works by Claude Royet-Journoud, Anne-Marie Albiach and Jean Grosjean. Rosemarie Waldrop was born in Kitzingen am Main, Germany, in 1935.

menu. In my poetry, I am in, and I want a harmony, which is that realm, with elements of the cosmos, of the earth and the sky, and of humans, which are more or less abstract…. the post apollo press. the post apollo press. I took the words you use. home; contemporary poetry series #1. I met him while at the university of Algiers in the 1970s. AD: Here are a few statistics I made.

PoetryISBN: 0-942996-30-5$14.00 • 92 pp. The end of an era, of a system, which strictly controlled citizen expression including in literature and poetry. This poem is a one on one between two lovers.

The Phenomena Pre-Publication Special Offer from Your Two Favorite Small Presses : Litmus Press and The Post-Apollo Press.

ALTA's programs are supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. I insist on this particular point because unfortunately, this quality of people has since disappeared… We were at the junction of a time of controlled freedom but also of competence and respect for the written word. the post apollo press. I was interested in a remark that someone made in an account of your visit: “from time to time, Amine Khene stopped to attentively contemplate the gardens, the lotuses, and the medlar trees from Japan… Before he left he praised the exquisite Suzhou gardens...” How does the alchemy of your poems come about? When I think blood, it is not necessarily mine. She has translated more than twenty books, including works by Paul Celan, Elke Erb, Joseph Guglielmi, Emmanuel Hocquard, Friederike Mayröcker, Jacques Roubaud, and Alain Veinstein. Authorities won’t investigate and arrest anyone for planting, cultivating, buying, transporting, distributing, engaging in practices with or possessing the plants. This discipline is a reflection of my conception of a poetic text, which should, in a spontaneous and natural way, have a rhythm and musicality without the need for punctuation. Email: Offer expires January 1, 2014. I consider my poetry to be neither intimate, nor nationalist, or any other “ist” for that matter. The ApolloPress® ADVANTAGE ApolloPress ® fittings are a proven heat-free method for joining copper tube and provide a clean, easy joining technique that saves time and money on installations. For each book, Etel creates a new drawing, which is of course not an interpretation of the text but seems to me to be best allied with that particular collection.The choice is always due to an intangible, unexplainable intuition. . Simone Fattal, Publisher Maybe I’m thinking of the blood of certain martyrs. . home; contemporary poetry series #1. However, thanks to the competence of the people who managed it, and of their skills in the literary and editorial fields, the books published by the Sned were of quality. Ulla Berkewicz was born in Giessen, Germany. 28 Dec 1989. This series in my opinion is just as valuable as the first one. Eva De Vitray-Meyerovitch. The Post-Apollo Press’ name came from the Apollo program that took man and women to the moon. And so, I am not in an insoluble dilemma in how I live my poetry, my everyday life and my convictions. My travels allowed me to develop a wider vision, but that was also through the prism of my first poetic experience, hence my affinity, my passion, my dreams, on the side of the weak, the oppressed, the ones who fight for justice and liberty throughout the world, for Africa, my kinship to the blues. I like them immediately and am gathered into what is being said on the page.” —Robert Grenier, When Max Jacob gleefully announced “the miniscule is the enormous” he could have been referring to the contemporary poetry series published by the Post-Apollo Press. Filter your search. It was also a time when I was young, full of optimism, energy, love, and I had believed that Algeria was going to react and that my compatriots wouldn’t be led like that, to slaughter. Selected POST-APOLLO PRESS Titles. AK: I love freedom. She resides in Frankfurt-on-the-Main. AK: Yes, this responds to a necessity of the poem. The new generation of poets, in the wake of Jean Sénac, either published in a marginal manner. AD: What was then the place of poetry in Algiers? The sudden irruption of money as a universal value was henceforth a dominant and was quickly destroying what had been built since the Liberation. 1; 2; 3 » Rumi and Sufism. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

He has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and DAAD (Berlin). She is co-editor and publisher of Burning Deck Press with her Keith Waldrop. And, the combination of the two materialized with corruption. Lyn Hejinian PoetryISBN: 978-0-942996-38-8$10.00 • 39 pp. At that time, most Algerian writers published in Paris or Beirut. When you have more human references, they are intimate and non-societal.

AD: What is the role of the deliberate lack of punctuation? Simone Fattal founded The Post-Apollo Press in 1982, specializing in poetry, experimental writing and translation. My poetic images formed there.

Simone Fattal founded The Post-Apollo Press in 1982, specializing in poetry, experimental writing and translation.

I had begun to get weary of the convention that wanted to align a series of short blurbs, and so by giving more space I would have one opinion that carried a real analysis, and appreciation. Poets I admire the most, like Nazim Hikmet, speak of a total, complete, concrete reality with a clear point of view and a strong sensibility. At that time, I was attracted by large spaces.

Post-Apollo authors share an aesthetic of radical disruption, a loosening of syntactical connections that allows experience to happen rather than make sense — work that delights in a fluid alternation between subject and object, signifier and signified, and contributes to a heightened awareness of the ways in which language shapes reality.

I particularly liked these drawings and I asked her to make drawings in the same spirit for Post-Apollo, which could be used as cover art. A magic realism dominates the book.—Der Spiegel.

I was born and I grew up in Algeria. {"bd_js_shop":"Shop","bd_js_too_long_for_shipping_label":"Sorry, that's too long for our shipping labels","bd_js_too_long":"Sorry, that's too long","bd_js_could_not_find_address_try_again":"Sorry, we couldn't find the address. r is currently Professor Emeritus at the Sciences and Technology University of Lille (France). AK: I believe that when you are a poet, you have a certain way of looking at things. With his wife Rosmarie Waldrop he co-edits Burning Deck Press. I then didn’t know much about his militant past.

At that time, important Algerian writers were altogether excluded from that scene. I remember when Colporteur came out, I had had with the director of the publishing house a real discussion about my manuscript, which had already been read by people such as the Poet Djamal Amrani. The words that come up the most pertain to the cosmos and the sidereal. The drawing is recognizable as it is in the same vein, and by the same artist and the format stays the same. Gerald Williams is an editor and translator.

US$13.58. I wrote it in 1985 with an intuition that Algeria was going back to a very unfortunate and very sad past. AK: This may be true. This second series actually started with Undying Love or Love Dies by Jalal Toufic. So, sometimes, you have a Chinese public servant, who probably is poet himself, who perceives that. My question came about after having seen images of you in China.

Do you confirm this tendency? NovelISBN: 978-0-942996-15-9$11.00 • 99 pp. Les Mains de Fatma in 1982, poems of the 1980. Kateb Yacine wasn’t writing any more poetry or prose and had started to write for the theater in “popular” Arabic. the post apollo press. Website designed by HR Hegnauer.

The saga was recounted in the Oscar-winning film, "Apollo … Related and differentiated by the publisher’s varied cover design, texts in the series as a whole make available defining instances of what writing can be in our time. Josef Is Dying is her first book, and she is the author of three other novels and a collection of short stories. Later on, influences and admirations came about.

And this included Tahar Djaout’s generation, which is also mine. AK: I started to write when I was a child, for reasons that are personal and mysterious, but without a poetic culture or knowledge of the existence of styles, schools and so on. He was in Barberousse prison during the war of Independence at the same time as my mother who was arrested in February 1957 (four months after I was born), during the Battle of Algiers.

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