Though the food from Brian Fisher, a chef from Michelin-starred restaurant Entente, is modern, it somehow tastes retro.

If anybody has Dennis Haskins' personal cell phone number, we'd love to talk to him. The gang finds a stack of money, and instead of immediately leaving the mall with the cash, they decide to run a ticket scheme, camp in a sporting goods store, hide out in bridal shop display window and get chased around by some generic bad guys. Indeed, it was the Saved By the Bell girl group that I heard as the first diner at Los Angeles' new squiggly-graphic-festooned pop-up Saved By the Max. Zack, Lisa, Mr. Belding and Screech (ugh) were around, but Slater, Kelly and Jesse weren't yet part of the gang. A trailer dropped earlier this year, and we learned Slater and Jesse are teachers at Bayside High School! It's a fleeting moment when I'm feeling that I'm so excited, I'm so excited. - Jonah Anderson, world's foremost expert on "Saved by the Bell." The Saved by the Bell to the Max crew discuss this late series installment, which includes the title of the show in an actual line of dialogue. Fun fact: There's an episode of "That's So Raven" also called "Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind." Tyler, Jonah and Angela dive deep into this classic episode. Or is he too busy with serious roles in well-regarded dramas? Old Millennials Remember - Angela Yoshiko and Tyler Wilson. Yes, Zack and Slater actually throw punches in this episode, but that brawl (in which the preppie Zack holds his own against wrestling champion Slater) is nothing compared to the punchbowl-centric battle that caps this episode. Did Screech murder Tori? Dennis, if you're reading this, we're not creepy. Apparently, this group crumbles without Jesse's steady hand. This episode features some memorable "nerd" vs. "jock" moments. One day he might become president. WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Ah, the tastes of the early '90s, and the sounds of … was that Hot Sundae? Sitcoms like this always seem to have continuity issues, generally because of behind-the-scenes production issues and conflicts. Screech, widely known as THE WORST, happens to be Bayside's chess champion. My order? Well, take a trip down memory lane with this bottle episode of "Saved by the Bell," one of the few episodes set outside of Bayside High. By using the site, you consent to these cookies. And Zack and Slater sexually harass her!
© 2020 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. Bayside is a school full of stereotypical weirdos,  just like Butch and Alan.

The answer is NO. Screech is the worst. He also makes incredible spaghetti sauce, and so Zack concocts a plan to sell it using stolen chem lab supplies and, well, as it turns out, a stolen recipe. When Screech gets splashed in the face at science class, did anybody else wish his face would melt off like those Nazis in "Raiders"? And there's a replica of Principal Belding's office with framed photos and books. As always: 1. A government agent watches a crappy student film and is absolutely convinced Screech is an alien from another planet. No more zits. Former Bayside student A.C. Slater visits the gang at what's left of the Max after the fire, and they all share fond memories of how the Max has been a special part of their lives. Or standing in a line? And specifically, like Zack, Slater, Screech, Lisa, Kelly and Jessie's favorite hangout, The Max. All you need to know about the competence of the federal government can be found in the season 2 episode of "Saved by the Bell" entitled "Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind." "I'll see ya at the galleria." A girl talks to Screech in this episode. But there's one major change from the TV series: This Max has a bar. Mamma Mia! Despite the Screech-centric story, "Check Your Mate" has it all. Then NBC reached out and wanted to partner, and we got national news," he says. For an instant, I'm unaware  social media exists, and almost forget to snap a photo of my meal. Do they even know that Tori (Leanna Creel) exists? And there's a new girl from Idaho!

Did the school have to pay for all this equipment? "Look, Preppie, you're all wet!" Never mind the fact the powers-that-be want you to think "Good Morning Miss Bliss" is the first season of the show (it isn't). Mario Lopez guest stars. Most people would probably take this temporary trade-off, so why is everyone so mad at Zack?

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