After suffering heavy casualties the regiment captured its objective.

Rann of Kutch April 1965 While stationed at Lahore under Headquarters 10 Division, the regiment detached A Squadron for deployment under Headquarters 8 Division in Chhor Sector. The regiment was also given the title of Silver Eagles.

Amongst the many commendations received was one by the President which read: The President of Pakistan has commanded that his personal congratulations be conveyed to All Ranks under your command for the exemplary, successful and courageous battle that they have fought.
Sixteen men embraced Shahadat, while forty five got wounded. There after relentless enemy air strikes for most part of the day, resulted in the loss of 17 tanks and fifteen Shaheeds, forcing the regiment to fall back into own territory by early next day. 737th Tk Bn: 22 Nov 44-3 Dec 44: 11th Armd Gp: 19 Apr 45-still atchd 9 May 45: Cavalry. 6th Armored Division Trains; 128th Ordnance Maintenance Battalion; 76th Armored Medical Battalion; Military Police Platoon; Band [page 471] ATTACHMENTS Antiaircraft Artillery . The reconnaissance troop of the regiment was placed under command 8 Baloch Regiment, and went into action in Chhamb Sector. The regiment saw active field service in Zafarwal Sector. The regiment under command 6 Armoured Division in Chawinda Sector remained in action throughout the 17 days of the war. In the 1971 war, the regiment saw action in Sialkot sector as part of 8 Independent Armoured Brigade Group.

The formation would see its first taste of action in Operation Grand Slam in Chamb sector where it was the armoured contingent.

"On Partition, the Indian Army retained what was the Centre and School of the Indian Armoured Corps along with a majority of the officer cadre, most of whom were non-Muslims, in accordance with the British policy. The formation would see its first taste of action in Operation Grand Slam in Chamb sector where it was the armoured contingent. The regiment under command 6 Armoured Division in Chawinda Sector remained in action throughout the 17 days of the war.

Under the Independence Act, it was decided that the Indian Army, including the Armoured Corps, will be divided at the ratio of 2:1 between India and Pakistan. Regiment less one squadron, that was detached to 55 Brigade at Chhor, was part of the advanced towards Jaisalmir. The regiment less reconnaissance troop participated in Indo-Pak War as part of 6 Armoured Brigade ex 1 Armoured Division in Khem Karan Sector.

The Sikh Regimental Training Centre and British Military Hospital lines were taken over. It is the only Armoured Corps regiment which took part in the fighting in 1971 War in East Pakistan. Pakistan Army Web Portal - Copyright © 2009-2020, College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Army Dog Breeding Training Centre and School, Armoured Corps Officers Training School at Ahmednagar, Armoured Corps Training Centre No. Twenty four personnel were martyred in this action. This battle was the largest tank battle since Kursk in 1943 and has been forever associated with the 6th. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? We have created a browser extension.

Despite old and unreliable equipment it marched to Masitwari Bhit and later reached 5 kilometers short of Longane Wala, in India, at about 0700 hours on 5 December 1971. 8 September was the most crucial day when four Indian divisions spear headed by their First Armoured Division (Fakhar-e-Hind) broke out of village Charwa on three axis.

On 5 December, an action was fought by a Squadron at Longanewala and with the help of 38 Baloch Regiment, the enemy was cut off. Two officers of the regiment were awarded Sitara-i-Jurats along with Tamgha-i-Jurats to other soldiers of the regiment.

A counterattack against the Indians at Phillarah[3] resulted in the loss of 3 tanks. On similar lines, other boards were constituted, for all other training centres. The regiment was awarded the battle honourQaisar-i-Hind1971. During this brief action 1one Junior Commissioned Officer, one Non-Commissioned Officer and two sowars of the regiment embraced Shahadat. It received the Pathan squadron from Scinde Horse and the PM squadron from Hodson's Horse, giving its Sikh squadron to Hodson's Horse and its Dogra squadron to Scinde Horse.

The regiment as part of 11 Division, participated in the war at Hussaini wala sector and captured the given objective, in the Indian territory.

It was still in the process of raising when the 1965 war against India broke out.

The badly mauled enemy leaving his destroyed equipment withdrew towards Chobara. In April 1948, the first attestation parade was held for the first batch of recruits to pass out and since then a steady flow has been maintained.
On 8 September the Indian attack came and thus began the Battle of Chawinda. The divisions' action at Chawinda remains its most famous action. In addition the following units are attached and stationed in Kharain. The regiment as part of 8 Independent Armoured Brigade Group, fought in the Shakargrah area of Sialkot Sector and inspite of heavy losses in men and material during counter attack on the enemy bridgehead on 16 December, it stood firm and in the process forced the enemy to withdraw and yield ground.

One Junior Commissioned Officer and two soldiers of the regiment embraced Shahadat during this war. Later the unit put in a regimental attack on 8 September. Khem Karan September 1965 The unit was under command 1 Armoured Division at Raiwind. Later it moved to 33 Division area in Chhor-Umerkot Sector. On July 18, 1944, the 6th Armored Division landed on the Normandy beaches, some six weeks after the D-Day invasion of western Europe.

The overall situation was so pathetic that there was no existence of even a Directorate for the Armoured Corps, which is so vital for regulating the affairs and solving the evolutionary problems of the Corps, there being just a Grade-2 staff officer who was a British officer named Major Ritter.

The regiment was tasked to delay the enemy onslaught between Deg Nadi on the west and River Bein on the east for 48 hours but the enemy was delayed for 13/14 days. The regiment, as part of 6 Armoured Division, fought the Battle of Chawinda along Charwa axis.

During this acting, two sowars of the regiment embraced shahadat. It was 6 Lancers that stepped first into Indian territory and under its brave Commanding Officer, Lt Col Sahib Zad Gul, captured Khem Karan, amongst the first Indian towns to be captured by Pakistan. In April 1948, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah visited this establishment and addressed a Durbar which is an honour for the Armoured Corps. Till now he is the sole recipient of this award in the Armoured Corps. Initially the division was surprised and outflanked by the Indians as the enemy chose an unexpected axis to attack. Further back, but titularly part of the corps, was Pakistan's Army Reserve North of 6th Armoured Division and 17th Infantry Division. During the counter attack near Pul Kanjri Distributry, a jeep along with pennon, briefcase and diary of Major General Naranjan Purshad, GOC 15 Indian Division was also captured.

The Division divided itself into two prongs, was forced back by the Pakistani 6th Armoured Division at Chawinda and was forced to withdraw after suffering heavy losses of nearly 100 tanks. At 1530 hours on 3 December 1971, after long marches for concentration and a day of postponement, the operation commenced. The regiment, under command Headquarters 18 Division fought in the Rajasthan Sector.

The Pakistan Army-War 1965-Shaukat Riza-Army Education Press-1984. In this attack 3 officers of the unit embraced Shahadat. Because of the Guide's association of over 90 years with Mardan, the CO requested for it to be allocated to Pakistan. With total disregard to enemy strength, 25 Cavalry repulsed enemy advance by inflicting heavy casualties. In 1964, it was decided to use the headquarters and other assets of this formation to create a new armoured division. 777th AAA AW Bn (SP) 22 Jul 44-29 Jun 45: Armored. The advance party arrived at Nowshera in November 1947 and the main body followed a month later. After taking over some share of stores, equipment and funds,assets were moved to Pakistan.

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