Knowing she was in danger of dying, Princess Alice dictated her will, including instructions about how to bring up her daughters and how to run the household.

[Battiscombe, p. [Spain]

Queen Victoria was Britain's longest serving monarch. He was only the Prince Consort and not a co-ruler with his wife. [Vickers, p. Jun 26, 2020 - HRH Princess Alice Maud Mary of Great Britian and Ireland. We do know that she had a close relationship with Vicky. HBRC has only limited information about Alice's relationship with her brothers and sisters. It was this interest that caused Alice to take an active role during the second of Bismarck's wars, which occurred in 1866. The couple had seven children: Princess Alice with her husband and children, May 1875. The children spent annual holidays in England and their grandmother sent instructions to their governess regarding their education and approving the pattern of their dresses. The couple would take up residence in the New Palace in 1866.
The children were given plain meals with deserts of rice puddings and baked apples. Their union produced seven children: Victoria, Ella, Irene, Ernst, Friedrich (called "Frittie" by his family, he died tragically when he fell from a window in 1873), Alix and May. That winter, her father fell seriously ill with typhoid fever. It was Princess Alice who then stepped in as unofficial secretary to her mother, assisted by her younger sister Louise, handling all of the state papers and correspondence, all while trying to support and comfort The Queen. Queen Victoria was pleased when going through the baby linen and found almost nothing new needed to be purchased. It was a kind of liberation from his mother. The Queen later attributed Alice’s efforts with helping her to get through the dark days that followed. Her daughter-in-law Princess of Wales Alexandra was at Winsor when a telegram arrived with the sad news. She died of diphtheria (December 14, 1878). In November 1878, the family began to fall ill with diphtheria. Alice died tragically at the young age of only 35 years. On December 14th, the 17th anniversary of her father's death, she passed away. They wept in each other's arms. He was stictly raised and very well educated. However, following the death of her son in 1873, Alice began to return to her more traditional religious beliefs, distancing herself from Strauss. Her children woukld gave commedctiins with the other two major royal famiklies--those of Germany and Russia.

We di not know what kind of play clothes the children wore. Learn more about royalty, past and present here and share your thoughts on our forums. Princess Alice was born in 1843. Her condition quickly deteriorated, and in the early morning of December 14, 1878 — the 17th anniversary of her father’s death – Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse and by Rhine died at the Neues Palais in Darmstadt, Grand Duchy of Hesse and by Rhine, now in Hesse, Germany. Two children died in infancy and two of her daugters were killed by Bolsevicks. She was named in honor of Viscount Melbourne, Queen Victoria’s former Prime Minister. The cousins found him much like a likable, but unpredictable and often domineering older brother, but according to one historian "... too mercurial, volitilem and restless, full of energy one moment, morose and brooding the next. [Jordon] south of Frankfurt, a few miles from the Rhinr River. Alice had been with her during her final days, and established herself as the “family caregiver”. He would go rising or rowing with his younger cousins or play croquet and tennis. Her second name, Maud (a form of Matilda) was in honor of her godmother, Princess Sophia Matilda of Gloucester; and her third name, Mary, in honor of Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester (Queen Victoria’s aunt) with whom she shared a birthday. Seeing the need for improved medical care, Alice befriended Florence Nightingale who gave her suggestions and ways to help those in need. They nicknamed him 'Wilhelm the Sudden" and 'Gondola Billy'.

She had strong views favoring the emancipation of women and pursued a livelong interest in education and nursing.

Unfortunately, her time would be limited as tragedy would once again strike. Louis and Alice had two well known children. Everything in Alice's life was put on hold, and she spent endless days and nights reading to her father and trying to ease his pain. Princes Alice sought the advise of Florence Nightengale. Alice was know for a tender heart. She formed very close relationships with her two elder siblings, especially her brother Bertie, to whom she would remain very close until her death. Sadly, her youngest child, Princess Marie, succumbed to the illness and died on November 16, 1878. Princess Alice Maud Mary of the United Kingdom was born on April 25, 1843, at Buckingham Palace, the third child, and second daughter, of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.She was named in honor of Viscount Melbourne, Queen Victoria’s former Prime Minister. Prince Wilhelm, the future Wilhelm II, first met his Aunt Alice, his mother's cloest sibling, while an infant when his parents visited England. She set the moral tone of the nation and helped shape Britain's emergence as a truly democratic nation. Alice was Victoria and Albert's fourth child and second girl. A grandson, Prince Phillip married Queen Elizabeth. Queen Victoria had expected a new palace more in keeping with royalty would be built for the young royals. Some historians have wondered why a girl so intelligent and charming as Alice wuld have mairred such a 'red-faced bucolic' as Louis. Why did his career go down the tubes? The people of Darmstadt, however, were unwilling to d=finance this project. Princess Allice became Grand Duchess of Hesse and the Rhine. He has offices in Beverly Hills and Paris. Queen Victoria even wrote to her eldest daughter that Alice’s wedding had been “…more of a funeral than a wedding…”, The Marriage of Princess Alice, 1st July 1862 by George Housman Thomas; Credit – Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2017. He had once told her that the name 'Alice' was his favorite for a girl, Princess Alice was knicknammed Fatima.

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