There was no more popular place for piracy during the times of the famous Calico Jack or Blackbeard than the Caribbean. There had been many injustices and injuries inflicted on them by the Spaniards. The real pirates of the Caribbean. “Not every home can have one, but it’s cheering to see one man’s game become a kind of reality” – The Daily Telegraph, commenting on Challis Island. The brigantine, schooner and frigate were all popular choices for a pirate vessel. Fodor's may use your email address to send you relevant information on site updates, account changes, and offers. While Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean films are entirely fictional, there is no doubting that the Caribbean was the centre of piracy in the ‘Golden Age of Piracy’.

As Spanish settlers set up new towns on Caribbean islands and the American mainland, these too came under pirate attack. By raiding ships, they complicated European attempts to exploit their colonies. After the town was attacked and burned by pirates, the Spanish crown decided it was time to fortify the city, expand its control over the West Indies and rid the waters of these brigands. The deepwater port afforded pirates the chance to refit and rename their ships, as well as offload their ill-gotten wares. A hundred years after that and the French had lost Haiti (their main Caribbean possession) to a slave revolt and Britain had double its number of ships there.

Now between restaurants and hotels, it is hard not to find some reason to give a mighty "yaaarrr". They both used this island as a good launching point to attack the Spanish trading ships that often sailed through the area. Organizations in the Pirate Isles, The Pirate Isles were a collection of rocky islands that dotted the Sea of Fallen Stars and were inhabited by pirates.

It served as a major hub for Britain's naval actions in the West Indies, so naturally it attracted people like Henry Morgan and Christopher Myngs to spot targets. With its jagged coastline of private coves and safe anchorages, Virgin Gorda was the hideout for all manner of bold-faced names, including Blackbeard and William “Captain” Kidd. I want emails from Fodor's Travel with travel information and promotions. Limited Time Offer: Get a free copy of the Canadian Traveller Blogger's. There are so many reasons to visit! However, that didn't stop the infamous Edward Thatch, or as he was better known, Blackbeard, from lighting the island ablaze after stealing a ship packed with sugar. All Rights Reserved. And Roatan, in the Honduran Bay Islands, may today be a quiet scuba diving destination, but in the 17th century, it was inhabited by hundreds of pirates, including Henry Morgan, whose treasure might still be buried there. Building A Real Life Pirate Island: The Story of Challis Island. Those Barbary pirates, always up to no good, made their presence known across the Mediterranean and beyond. READ NEXT . The Dominican Republic in the last few years has more than doubled its number of full-service marinas. There are quite a few trading ships, war galleys and pirate ships that have sunk to Davey Jones locker off the coast of Barbados.

The waters of the harbour were too shallow for the huge warships of the British, French and Spanish navies to enter, but they were deep enough for the speedy shallow-draft vessels preferred by pirates.

Barbary pirates were the first to make this town a base for pirate operations.

The bawdy television series Black Sails, although incorporating hefty doses of fiction along with loosely-based history, offers some playful insight into Nassau’s short-lived Republic of Pirates. The island is within easy reach from central Tortola and makes for a good first and last stop for those on charter.

Popularized by Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, the island really was an infamous pirate hangout for French and Spanish buccaneers. Share on. Julian Putley is the author of ‘The Drinking Man’s Guide to the BVI’, ‘Sunfun Calypso’, and ‘Sunfun Gospel’. There were fifteen named islands but around sixty in total. Head to the Cayman Islands in November for the Pirate Week Festival. The International Pirate Society threw its first pirate convention in New Orleans last month, attracting three times as many fans as they expected. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition, The real pirates of the Caribbean were violent, desperate thieves who thought nothing of murder, torture, and mayhem. ”, At the end of the 17th century, the French attacked St. Kitts with the help of a privateer by the name of William “Captain” Kidd. St Kitts, also known as St Christopher Island, is a French island where a legendary siege once took place.

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