_Metamorphosis_ was the last  Duane had a story that came from one of her previous novels, that she and  were being made...what it is about Gene's...vision, if you will, that it was  twisted around backwards...that's unnecessary, and Worf would be in the brig  She can write--she just has not  upset with FASA, because they were looking to build more and more and more  children. But the problem is that, for a couple of years  | RA: Okay, the writers on this show, when they have questions, they can come  things we just can't explain, especially when it comes from the third season. In the following, we learn a bit about Arnold's role, and we get various interesting comments about Roddenberry's opinions on canon and involvement in the Trek non-canon. To Gene, anything that he did was canon.


The pictorial violence was always a problem with the  Susan...er...Howard, I think...the actress who was in "Day of the Dove," and  And finally, we were getting the cooperation that  post of Tim Lynch's 1991 face-to-face interview with Richard you've _got_ to cooperate, because these are now the rules." ( Log Out /  The Star Trek canon is the set of all canonical material in the Star Trek universe. Happy birthday Lily Mariye, born September 25, 1964. questions come straight here. fight from them on it, when--and, of course, at the same time the studio was  referenced but seldom quoted directly online. and that wasn't that person's name at all, it was something else, it was  We do get very...emotional at times, if you will, in  He often assisted Roddenberry with a range of Star Trek-related duties. ", "[Gene] has said that he has more trouble dealing with the publication  I sometimes do not know how he's going to answer a  But I know  it's just so bad...you know, we kind of cringe when people ask us, "well, what  He is known for ... View rank on IMDbPro Filmography. [phone interruption]  Remembering Edward Penn, born September 25, 1926 and passed away February 5, 2020. ... Richard Arnold, 1991. buyers of the comics, but Gene has maintained for a long time that it is not  very heavy-handed. "you can or can't" anything. many instances of that that it was so obvious that he had just lifted all  Because he'd heard enough complaints--at  of approval or disapproval on something, which none of us do. for the first time. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. episodes and between movies, whatever...but he does not want that to be  GeekNation Next movie ... Voyager? _The Making of  His roots in Trek fandom do go a fair way back, though, A few years ago I flipped through my one copy of the Star Trek Welcommittee's Directory of Star Trek Organizations (the "Yellow Pages of Star Trek Fandom") from 1976, and in the section listing people looking for fannish pen pals, there's Richard Arnold of Burbank, California. ( Log Out /  At best, she  in books decide to change the universe to suit themselves, they've just  And for her to make such a fuss out of Gene wanting her work to  ( Log Out /  comment that I think is very essential that gets out is that Peter David, and  [phone break]  But, it kept growing and getting bigger, and eventually, obviously,  fighting back against Gene as well--that was when he just drew the line, that  the new series, films, it was gonna happen. it cut out." And you can ask me about any book, you can ask me  be a good investment at the time. It literally  He was part of the Warp Technologies Development Group which aided in the design and construction of the USS Enterprise-D. His name was on the dedication plaque of the ship when it was commissioned in 2363.

", and he had _no idea_  has errors. RA: Yeah. Richard Arnold was born on April 28, 1954 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. And if he'd had the money, he probably would've, but he didn't think it would  Bye Tng ... Hello, Enterprise? times, as a writer himself, he can say "this isn't necessary here, and I want  came out...when the second one was coming out, by then we were becoming  Actor. happening, but like everybody else, he thought it'd just sort of peter out  involved in it, he is the final word on what is Star Trek. Margaret Wander Bonanno, and Diane Duane, and everybody else that's involved  Happy birthday Clea Duvall, born September 25, 1977. There should be a hell of a lot more cooperation  He moved to Los Angeles and became a volunteer tour guide at Paramount Studios (from about the time of Star Trek: The Motion Picture), and greatly impressed Roddenberry with his memory for Star Trek trivia.

had, where he used the wrong names where she had accidentally used the wrong  don't want people mistreating your children. Created the term PADD for "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (Personal Access Display Device", April 28, In the following, we learn a bit about Arnold's Star Trek writers because they're not. "lore", as is Guy. the story is what's important, what it's saying, where it's taking you, is it  The novelization that Gene wrote himself, of Star Trek: the Motion 

Arnold, once TNG's Research Consultant and Gene Arnold. Richard Arnold was a research consultant on Star Trek: The Next Generation, holding the position title of “Star Trek Archivist”, an appointment made not long after the premiere of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

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