Police confirmed one female and three male officers were killed in a horror crash in Melbourne, The crash on Melbourne’s busy Eastern Freeway sparked chaos on Wednesday night.

Absolutely amazing. He threatened to spray-paint the name of the company on his car and drive it down Bourke Street in what police believe was a reference to the actions of James Gargasoulas during the 2017 massacre. Honestly expected.. but what I am expecting to follow is an appeal once it's all calmed down and the magistrate agreeing that there was a level of emotion impacting the charges and he will have some dropped or amended. Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor, Senior Constable Kevin King, Constable Glen Humphris and Constable Josh Prestney were killed when a truck, being driven by Mohinder Singh, crashed into them about 5.30pm on April 22. Richard Pusey, 41, was pulled over for travelling at 140km/h on the Eastern Freeway in Melbourne around 4.50pm on Wednesday and tested positive to drugs.

Richard Pusey, the driver of a Porsche who allegedly fled the scene of a truck crash on Melbourne's Eastern Freeway that killed four police officers, is taken away from his Fitzroy … i cannot even put into words how to describe his behaviour.

He had reportedly only started in his new role on Tuesday, the day before the accident. The court heard Mr Pusey saw where all four officers were they were hit by the truck and described to police the injuries they had sustained.

Hopefully the cops are tearing him a new arsehole right now.

‘Me and my Porsche enjoy the day out doing this activity.’, Pusey, 41, was taken from his house in Fitzroy on Thursday afternoon after being interrogated, He wore a facemask and faces a string of potential charges including traffic offences and leaving the scene of an accident. The stingy home loan boss was sued for non-payment of the $6,006 kitchen and made a counterclaim for $35,500, claiming the kitchen was ‘defective’. Mr Pusey has a long list of prior convictions, which were detailed in court on Monday. Mortgage broker Richard Pusey, 41, has been escorted from his Fitzroy home for questioning as investigations continue into how the accident on Wednesday unfolded. A truck then at 5.40pm ploughed into the group of police standing at the roadside, killing four officers, before Pusey allegedly fled on foot. New recruits Constable Josh Prestney and Constable Glen Humphris were killed alongside senior colleagues Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor and Senior Constable Kevin King. A court hears Richard Pusey filmed LSC Lynette Taylor as she was calling for help.

A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Debris from the fatal crash was scattered along the Eastern Freeway, which remains closed, It’s understood a semi trailer (pictured) ploughed into two parked police cars and a Porsche. The driver of the luxury sports car allegedly fled the scene, ‘This is an incomprehensible tragedy… I have no more words but to say look after each other & reach out to your support networks. All I wanted to do was go home and have some sushi and now you f---ed my f------ car.". She said she believed there would be issues proving the more serious charges and said she held concerns any jail sentence he received would be shorter than time spent on remand. AAP She said the family had been thrust into the spotlight following the catastrophic crash … Detective Senior Constable Aaron Price from the homicide squad told the court said he understood ‘‘blinders’’ to be a device which purports to slow down or jam police speed guns. On Monday he was charged with three offences, including two counts of perverting the course of justice and one count of driving a motor vehicle while more than the prescribed concentration of drugs was present in his oral fluid. ‘No words,’ another posted alongside a photo of the Victoria Police emblem. Photos of the scene show a damaged police highway patrol car and an SUV that had been struck near a large, white semi-trailer. Pusey faces 12 charges from April 22 when he was pulled over for allegedly driving at 149km/h in a 100km/h zone. The graffiti was cleaned off some time on Saturday, but is still faintly visible.

More than $29,300 has been raised by 442 donors in just 12 hours. What a piece of shit. When asked why homicide detectives were at the scene on Wednesday night, he replied: ‘Those officers (who died) have been victims of a crime.’. Absolute waste of monkey genes! Amazing, absolutely amazing. 2018: Convicted and fined $750 for using a carriage service to menace. ‘I could see the truck and then I saw the crumpled mess of the Porsche.’. Mr Singh has not applied for bail and has been remanded in custody to appear in court again in October.

This cunt is one sick little worm. Richard Pusey outside his Fitzroy home on Thursday. He's methed up, don't think it'd even qualify as animal feed.Compost, perhaps. Most recently she covered breaking news for The Age, and before that for The Australian in Melbourne. Richard Pusey’s biggest crime in the eyes of the public isn’t a crime at all. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews also penned a heartbreaking tribute. ‘The police members were sprinting from their cars,’ he told the Age.

‘If we’re still in restrictions, we won’t be able to have those large scale remembrance ceremonies we traditionally have to honour our police officers,’ Commissioner Ashton said. A court hears Richard Pusey filmed LSC Lynette Taylor as she was calling for help. ‘Today, when I’m spending time with the family members of those deceased officers, I can tell you it will absolutely disgust them.’, The first victim has been identified as constable Josh Prestney, who only graduated from the academy in November (pictured), ‘If I wasn’t wearing the uniform of Chief Commissioner, I would give you far more colourful language,’ Commissioner Ashton said, The black Porsche sped past him and was gone in a flash – as seen on dashcam footage from March 21, Emergency services took the bodies of the four police officers away from the scene. ‘This will be felt in every police station, in every mess room, in every watch-house across the state tonight,’ he told reporters late Wednesday. Senior Constable Steven Pope is aiming to raise a total of $2million, or $500,000 for each family. God bless Josh.

The black Porsche crumpled beneath the truck was covered in a blue tarp. They called a nearby highway patrol car for backup. Dan Smith was heading outbound along the freeway when he saw at flashing lights, least 12 to 14 police cars and several ambulances at the scene. Police pulled over a speeding driver at 4.50pm on Wednesday, then proceeded to call for backup from highway patrol when they decided to impound the car. Prime Minister Scott Morrison ‘Awful, heart-breaking news that four police officers have been killed while on duty in Melbourne tonight.

But there are problems with some of those charges. Credit:AAP. Pusey appeared in a report on A Current Affair in 2016 where he was accused of abusing the tradies involved, and their families. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal dismissed his counterclaim as an ‘abuse of process’ and the Supreme Court upheld this on appeal.

Mr Peters submitted that conditions could be attached to Mr Pusey’s bail to “render any risks acceptable”, including surrendering his passport. Richard Pusey is facing 12 charges - including reckless driving, endangering lives and committing offences while on bail - and was accused of filming … Pusey hours before his arrest made contact with police and was urged to turn himself in. The Porsche driver accused of taunting a dying policewoman in the aftermath of the Eastern Freeway crash in which four officers were killed has been denied bail. ‘It can sometimes seem mundane and then can suddenly seem very very tragic.’. He was convicted of reckless conduct endangering serious injury after he opened a gas bottle inside the front door of a Fitzroy bar after he was refused service due to being drunk in December 2017. If this doesn't make you feel sick with compassion for SC Taylor and revulsion for Dk Cnt, you don't have a soul. Witnessed described the scene as carnage. These threats were not reported to police. The charges include driving at dangerous speed, reckless conduct endangering serious injury, failing to render assistance at the scene of a collision, refusing to remain at the scene after providing an oral fluid test and driving with drugs in his system. Dubbed ‘Richie Rich’ and ‘Australia’s nastiest customer’, Pusey screamed at one of their wives that he hoped she died, just after she got out of hospital where she had breast cancer treatment. By Nic White and Brittany Chain and Wayne Flower For Daily Mail Australia, Published: 23:08 EDT, 22 April 2020 | Updated: 19:22 EDT, 23 April 2020. Richard Pusey is led from his home by police in Melbourne in April. 2014: Convicted and fined $2,000 plus $2,500 in costs for carrying out work without a building permit. Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor, Constable Glen Humphris, Senior Constable Kevin King and Constable Josh Prestney were all killed. We teamed up with CBD industry pioneers & went to work, utilizing the latest breakthroughs & innovations to craft the most balanced CBD products, The 90-Day CBD Challenge Will Teach You How To Cash-In in the Multi-Billion Dollar Green Rush. Mr Pusey wore a mask and gloves in court on Monday. ‘This isn’t stuff that you go to do and expect to be killed doing.

“How much fun is it to spend $6 billion to support and rebuild an economy in ten weeks?" His prior convictions included a stint in prison after he let off a gas bottle in a Fitzroy bar because he had been refused service for being drunk. Mr Pusey filmed the scene for a total of three minutes and eight seconds, zooming in on various aspects of the carnage while "continually making derogatory remarks in relation to what he was recording", the court heard in Monday's bail hearing. Pusey was arrested at Chemist Warehouse in Collingwood about 9.30am on Thursday after more than 12 hours on the run.

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