Again, the etymologies we give here are the esoteric ones, and may sometimes disagree with the “standard” ones given by the Hindu gurus, very often interested in straying the inquisitive profane and the arrogant specialist. They steal food from their victims while they are eating and carry evildoers (especially those who have killed their family) to the Erinyes. The best way not to get lost is to learn with the great masters, who often utilize puns and wordplays in order to compose their myths. There the troubadours and, later, the Knights Templar would start the revolution that eventually resulted in the discovery of the Americas and the reopening of the sea route to the Indies. It is clear that Atlantis was built — as are indeed many other Holy Cities patterned after it — as an image or replica of the skies. As the two Standing Serpents, Shu and Tefnut evoke the Twin Pillars of Solomon and Hiram, called Jachin and Boaz. Indra’s Palm Tree, the Tree of Life, felled by the Flood. What does symplegades mean? In Egypt it is Nun, the Primordial abyss whence the First Land (Tatenen) emerges at Creation. Again, the list of related myths is virtually endless. The Lofty Towers of Atlantis

Dravida has many cerebral consonants, which sound rather like r, and are transcribed accordingly, for simplicity’s sake. The ring and the tangent straight line are the attributes of Shamash, the Sun God and of his many aliases, both male and female. Tala denotes the palmyra or toddy palm.

Indeed, it represents the Ashvin twins and other such ass-headed Saviours (Dadhyanch, etc. 7:9; Psa. One such appears in disguised form as the primordial Creation Act of Genesis (1:1): In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth. The Sons of Atri (called Atrayas) are a class of Pitris or Prajapatis (Progenitors) who correspond to the seven stars of Ursa Minor, or the ten of Lyra., T. F. HOAD "symptom Ala (or alant) implies “mingling”, “holding intercourse”. A close reading of Homer’s Odyssey reveals their true identity as the Guardians of Paradise and of Hades. It is not exceedingly difficult to show that Athena is indeed of Hindu origin. His death sentence was commuted, at the instance of his mother (a relative of the king), to the circumnavigation of Africa. He has traced a circle above the waters You are not signed in. What is the probability of rolling the same number 5 times in a row? 7:9). The word karibu (or kar-rubi) also evokes the Solar Wheel, the karu or karuvi or impaling pole where criminals were impaled, just as Christ was immolated on the stake (or Cross). In particular this has to do with the limit those of India and of Egypt, as shown in pictorial form in Fig. Again, the two seem to represent the two “Pillars of God”, Jachin and Boaz.

The darkening of the skies is an usual attendance of Doom, and can be traced to the famous Kumarasambhava of Kalidasha, and to the Rig Veda and other Holy Books of India. ." The palm tree is rather rare in Israel, as it does not withstand its mountainous, bone dry climate. Jason and the Argonauts in classical music . also vimque dei passa … excipit Andraemon et habetur coniuge felix, 331-333). They lived on the islands of the Strophades. The original says “North Star” or, more precisely, “Canopy of the Skies”. He bested this obstical as well and continued on his way. The radix ina here means “united”, “joined”, “twin”, “lover”. 4. Pan also came to denote the same as ” to manufacture” or “to fabricate with the hands” (or, of course, the phallus). They are the same as Indra’s Palm Tree and as the Hand of Satan that we discussed further above. We note also that many Egyptian temples had pillars of stone replicating palm trees, exactly as in the one of Ezekiel.
This is the site of Meridian 0º, exactly that of Lanka in Hindu tradition. Alison M. Keith, “Etymological Wordplay in Ovid’s ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’ ( Met. In a confused way they also identified their two Paradises with the twin Pillars of Hercules, or of Atlas and Hercules, the counterparts of the Primordial Twins. This is the primordial Phoenicia (phoinix = palm tree”), the original home of the Phoenician, likewise sunken under the sea. They were vicious, cruel and violent. (Rev. Prometheus (Para mit = “first measurer”) is also another embodiment of this idea. The idea is that the word “Creation” (Skt. As we said above, the word “creation” derives from the Sanskrit kri or krit denoting “to cleave asunder” and, by extension, to violate a woman, forcing her to cleave open her legs in order to accept the male’s penetration. We quoted that remarkable passage of Job because it sheds a lot of light over the matter of Atlantis. At that time, psychiatry reduced the symptom to an opaque and incongruous phenomenon of psychic life. They have broad wings, with razor sharp talons and a human neck and face,

will show how the subjects treated there hinge on the matter of Atlantis in an unequivocal way. But the symbolism is the same. A lexicon entry is static and cannot accommodate the dynamic aspect of etymologizing, one especially notable in narrative poetry. Your message has now been forwarded to the PONS editorial department. (October 17, 2020). Can a 2k thermistor be converted to a 10k output? 2.389: “clipeos” maiora scuta, quibus latemus…). Yami is also the Virgin Mother of many mythologies, who ends up as the lover of her own son or her father, as we saw in the myth of Sharanyu and Vishvasvat told above. So, Pallas is indeed Dawn under disguises such as the ones just mentioned. We recall how Karttikeya is fatherless, having been born from the “seed” (or phallus) of Agni or Shiva. The earth supported “upon the void” is not really the planet Earth but Atlantis, often called “the Earth” or “The Wide Earth”.
The palmyra is called flabellifera (“flail-bearing”) or fan palm because its top fans out like an open hand or a flail. ." First of all, she was called Hippia (“Horse-woman”, in Greek) or Equestris (idem, in Latin), names which embody a pun with her equine nature. It is in these two destroyed regions that the two Atlantises, Mother and Son, are indeed to be found, buried under the mind deposited by of the Flood. Let us take a further instance of such “coincidences”: the association of Minerva-Athena with the owl.

." They composed their poems full of hidden wordplays, which the smarter persons in the audience strove to decipher. Zion (Mt. Atala or (atali) is “noise”, “din”. The Aeneid shows that Saturnia is associated not only with satis / saturo but also with sero, and that there is a semantic conflict between Saturnia and Saturnus (Paschalis 1997, 55-57). T. F. HOAD "symptom Actually, M. tends to take into account only what he sees in the immediate context (usually passages 2-5 lines long). The inner ring represented the Polar Circle and the outer, immense one the zodiac. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. 12.123) noted by André (193). Does the sixth amendment entitle me to know who called the county on me for a code violation? Atlas was the Pillar of Heaven. Clearly, the story of Athaliah is related to that of the Fall of Atlantis, and shows that she represents Baal’s Temple, rebuilt as that of Jahveh, or, yet the second Holy Mountain that is the dual of that of Jahveh. The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English. The reader may be surprised to see that we are approaching the myths from essentially all nations as if they all belonged to a single tradition. In fact, myths are often composed from such plays on words with the sacred names in question, usually in the sacred languages of India, Sanskrit and Dravida. Please sign in or register for free if you want to use this function. And the Coiled Serpent that girthed it is the Yoni, the dam that kept away the seas and protected the Holy City, precisely as affirmed in the text of Job. The noise of the explosion is narrated in several Biblical passages, as well as in innumerous Hindu Holy Books.

This remarkable passage suggests a lofty pillar, too tall and too deep to fathom, and too thick to girdle with a string. Atharvan denotes the same as Atharanti (“being near fire”), an assonance of Atlantis, the land consumed by Fire (Agni) and Water (Soma), precisely the essence of Atharvan’s name. This page was last modified on 6 January 2016, at 14:16.

Another idea is that of a lofty mountain or tower as a “skyscraper”.

In the Middle Ages, the harpy, often called the Jungfrauenadler or "virgin eagle", became a popular charge in heraldry, particularly in East Frisia, seen on, among others, the coats-of-arms of Rietburg, Liechtenstein, and the Cirksena. In other words, religion is the recollection of the Atlantean events, the attempt to “re-link” with our lost past. Brahma assumed the shape of an eagle and flew up, attempting to reach the top of the pillar.

The decapitated palm-tree whose name (Atala) is embodied in that of Atlas is also celebrated by the Christians in Palm Sunday. All true arts, and particularly the Initiatic Arts, are difficult and rebarbative at first.

The reader is forewarned that our aim here necessarily involves the use of obscure languages and relatively far-fetched explanations which may baffle a few of our readers. Triton and Athena Tritogeneia Attalam is “supper”, an idea that recalls the Last Supper, offered out of the Savior’s own body (the Host), commemorating the Sacrifice of Soma and that of Atlantis. Hence, Atlantis both is and is not, having or having not reached its end, according to the point of view of those who believe in its resurrection or not. The outspread, raised hand was used by the Celts and the Nazis to salute their heroes. Rumeli (or Rumelia) is a former name for the Ottoman territories west of the Bosporus Strait.The lighthouse is named for it because of Anadolu Feneri, a lighthouse parallel to it on the eastern side of the Bosporus Strait.. Overview. You can suggest improvements to this PONS entry here: We are using the following form field to detect spammers. This is also a name of the Indonesian Peninsula, as we will see further below. And this “throne” is the phallus, as will be obvious from the many pictures of Durga (Kali) astride over Shiva’s ithyphallic corpse, whom she is about to decapitate or castrate or both.

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