I bought this book for my 14-year-old as a summer reading book. SERIES? Gift for birthday, Father's Day, Children's Day, Christmas, Labor Day, you name it, a no occasion gift book, especially if you can use it to entice kid/parent reading together. The story itself has a well crafted plot, and most importantly, presents a clear description of how our criminal justice system (is supposed to) work. I wouldn't recommend it for a non-avid reader less than about 10 years old, though. He knows his way around the court house and knows many employees, including lawyers and judges. That being said, my 14-year old has already read the first 2 chapters and is getting sucked into it despite his every intention to hate any book that isn't a graphic novel. T.E. This is a very interesting and fun little book. Win-win, and a bit of enjoyable Grisham mystery to boot. A sure home-run teen novel. This is no Magic Treehouse book. Grandparents, like me, do yourself a favor and do the co-read with your grandchild. He has become a legal adviser to his contemporaries and demonstrates this competence time and again by providing accurate counsel to them on a variety of kid type issues. Theo knows every... Free shipping over $10. Chapter 1 Theodore Boone was an only child and for that reason usually had breakfast alone. This is an outstanding tale, especially for teens. I reads exactly like any other John Grisham novel, except is is clearly geared for middle school aged kids. FILM? Don't worry, the story explains that word, and all the other facets of criminal law. . Perfect for father/son co-reading. Dog's name is Judge. A perfect murder A faceless witness A lone courtroom champion knows the whole truth . Can't go wrong with this purchase. Summary:In the small city of Strattenburg, there are many lawyers, and though he's only thirteen years old, Theo Boone thinks he's one of them. Buy a cheap copy of Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer book by John Grisham. As such, he became embroiled in a murder case as the go between for an illegal alien witness to the crime, and the legal system. It is my profound hope that the author will follow through in a manor similar to that of Ferrol Sams with Theo Boone as an undergraduate in college, law school student, law clerk etc. They all know him. Mr. Duffy is on trial, biggest murder trial in Strattenburg's history, for murdering his wife. Producers will seek the movie rights. Darby tdarby@cox.net. Hangs around courtrooms, probably knows more law than most lawyers." It is very well written, but it is not childishly written, if you know what I mean. As such, he has become thoroughly immersed in the process of the practice of law. Theodore Boone knows the whole truth, and he’s not even a qualified lawyer yet. An Uncle Ike Boone, former partner, is a broken man, disbarred. One fun moment is Theo's successful defense of popular, beautiful, 8th grade classmate, Hallie (well her dog) in Judge Yeck's "Kitty [Animal] Court." Grisham: bestselling TEEN author? Kids are going to love it. Both his paarents are lawyers. Close friend is April, but not girlfriend, since a man age 13 tends to shun romance. The resolution of the issues involved is entirely believable and satisfying. Richard Thomas does a wonderful job as narrator. That's the plot and I'll not write spoiler info. Published by Thriftbooks.com User , 10 years ago. Kid thinks he's a lawyer. The sequel stage is already set. Nice read for 10-15 year olds and adults who enjoy a gumshoe story without the grit of commercial fi. Only circumstantial evidence. . I did read it first so I could know what he was talking about while giving me his daily chapter summery. As the teacher will say (and I was one): 5 GOLD STARS for "THEODORE BOONE kid lawyer", by John Grisham. All this is accomplished using language that is completely believable, and without profanity, or other objectionable content. Theo's a 13-year-old unlicensed, unpaid, practicing kid attorney. Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer, a young adult mystery novel by John Grisham, is the first book in the Theodore Boone series, Grisham’s debut series for teenagers. Theo then gets involved with a murder investigation. He has his own office, knows all the lawyers, policemen, and judges in the cozy town of Strattenburg. Theo is smitten with the law. Grisham's words: "Yep. I very much enjoyed it! Theo Boone is a 13 year old from a family of lawyers. Move aside Perry Mason, we have a new series started. During Theo's kid-law practicing, he stumbles across unknown evidence, big evidence. What can he do? His father, a busy lawyer, was in the habit of leaving early and meeting friends for coffee and gossip at the same downtown diner every morning at seven. YES! Allhis school classmates come to him with problems. All written using language suitable for 13 and up teens. Knows every cop, every judge, every court clerk. This description may be from another edition of this product. I will not divulge the rest. Plenty of murder suspense, but not bloody and educational, teaching the ways of the courtroom as a bonus. Theo is a thirteen year old boy, not regular in the slightest. This tale has the potential of becoming the first of a series for the protagonist, and one that can become the basis for further explaining our system of laws. The story follows an aspiring teenage lawyer who has key information, putting him at the heart of a sensational murder trial. I bought it for my son & grandson and thoroughly enjoyed it myself. Parents are Boone & Boone, she in divorce law, he in real estate.

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