For example, Harvard University has a “Send Message” call-to-action on their Facebook Page. Thanks to Facebook Live, you can even take them on a live, interactive tour around the campus.

Students can don their favorite superhero costumes, make a cape from a blanket, or even show off their “good deeds” for the day. We’ve built a full stack of social media tools to help modern brands grow their awareness, engagement, and sales.

Instead, just have your theme week go virtual too! Facebook provides a section for you to collect reviews and ratings from current and past students, where you can also react or comment on the reviews.

Physical Location: Student Union Building 1018, © The University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM 87131, (505) 277-0111 New Mexico's Flagship University, collaborative tools, chat, and video conferencing, Play a Board/Card Game together (We recommend Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity), Tips for staying focused in online courses, Tips for Student Organization Virtual Meetings, Ride Disney Parks and other Theme Park Attractions. Each individual would choose their favorite movie line or comedy skit, one would have to guess who it is or what movie was it. If you were to search “uc berkeley” on Facebook, you’ll see not one but more than 50 Facebook Pages. Make sure all of your institutional social media accounts are current and represent the institution’s or department’s identity. Instead, just have your theme week go virtual too! You can stay active inside too: Because uncertain times call for fuzzy animal pictures, videos, and webcams! For example, Imperial College London regularly uses Facebook to promote events at their university. For instance, the social media team at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) started a hashtag campaign, #CalPolyNow, to help share students’ voices and photos. Rather than having one Facebook Page for the entire university, it’ll be more appropriate (and more fun) to have a Facebook Page for each group. This can help attract more people to your events. For example, the University of California, Davis creates a new Facebook group for every batch of new students at the university, which is managed by a group of administrators from their marketing and communications team.
Instead of having to create a new website for an event, you can simply create an event page on Facebook, where you can state the date, time, venue, and details of the event. Virtual tours via social media is a great way to let them explore your beautiful campus, especially for international students who are not able to fly over for the university’s open day. Fortunately, the twenty ideas listed above will help you host an amazing virtual get-together your attendees will love.

Every Lobo Counts!

Here the students will have to make one short film based on social issues or issues which have an impact on society or giving a social message. Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers, Practical advice, inspiration, and tools for K-12 school leaders.

Join us in doing a virtual theme week with your students! These are some great ideas as in a virtual environment it can sometimes feel like you are on an island of one. Online movie groups and games including virtual bingo are just some of the events … Using Facebook apps such as Instatab or Instagram Page App, you can add your Instagram gallery to your Facebook Page for free. Her two young adult novels 'The Midnight Dance' and 'The King's Questioner' are on sale in stores now! Social Distancing doesn't need to be lonely or stressful! Welcoming international students. If you want to go one step further, you could list the milestones of the university on the Facebook Page’s About section, like the University of Cambridge did. 10 Facebook ideas for universities that want to be social 1. Have students go all out in neon. Great!

Whatever they’ve got on hand! After the term has started, you can use this group to inform students about events and activities happening on the campus. If the students are with you in person, have them act out their favorite meme. I will save this for a future post. Students can even use creative photo or video editing if they don’t have the appropriate theme attire to wear. There’s the main UC Berkeley Facebook Page but there’s also one for the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, one for the UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy, and many more. For example, the Student Careers & Skills at the University of Warwick has a Facebook Page, where they share career advice and inform students of relevant career fairs and events. So many universities create Facebook Groups for new students to ask questions, interact with one another, and get information about events and activities. It’ll be great to hear from you! Virtual events will continue to become more prevalent in 2020 as organizations reconcile with the impact of COVID-19 on events.

With most schools and districts shut down for the foreseeable future, many faculty and teachers are struggling to find ways to connect with their students. Students will send pictures through @ClassDojo and we will choose the 10 best to post at the end of the day!
Great job today Clark! And yes, it’s important to respond to reviews, especially if it’s an unhappy comment. Get ready for Wellness Wednesday! Take a photo of you in each days’ theme and tag us @paxtoniael with #paxtoniaproud . Before you begin... why not fill out your census form or make sure you are Registered To Vote!

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