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Harbour seal often seen in “tail-up” pose.

In these waters, gray seals experience cold temperatures and sub-arctic environments.

Dominant males hold sway over certain areas of the rookery (as opposed to dominating harems like other species) that can contain up to 10 females. In the Dutch Wadden Sea, a colony of grey seals was established in the 1990s.

Appearance: Grey or brown with white dappling, males being darker, with some males having scarring around the neck. During the breeding season dominant males and birthing females will stay ashore for the entire time, feeding off of their fat reserves to stay alive.

Female Grey Seals will mature sexually at about 4 years of age.

They form much larger groups during breeding season. Several grey seal culls have been undertaken, the most recent in Scotland in 1977.

Subscribe to our mailing list and receive regular e-bulletin packed full of mammal news and ways you can get involved with mammal conservation, Sniffing out the biases in small mammal trapping. Grey seal is much larger than common.
In Britain and Ireland, the Grey Seal breeds in several colonies on and around the coasts; notably large colonies are at the Farne Islands off the Northumberland coast (about 6,000 animals) and North Rona off the north coast of Scotland and Lambay Island off the coast of Dublin. They will sometimes also perform what is known as “social feeding,” herding fish to make it easier to catch them. http://ow.ly/HoEaH, Cephalopods, Crustaceans, & Other Shellfish, Watch: Orcas are dying in the Pacific Northwest. Includes the latest news and updates from Mammal Society! As one of the rarer seal species worldwide, its entire population is around 400,000 individuals. North Norway, Name: Grey Seal, Atlantic Seal, Horsehead Seal (Halichoerus grypus).

Oceana joined forces with Sailors for the Sea, an ocean conservation organization dedicated to educating and engaging the world’s boating community. Grey Seal pups weigh around 14 kg when born.

Arctic, Destinations: Grey Seals do not necessarily eat every day, and will fast during the length of the breeding season.

Gray seals can fall prey to killer whales and sharks as they rest on the water’s surface, keeping their head and neck above the water to breathe. In these waters, gray seals experience cold temperatures and sub-arctic environments. 7. The relationship between numbers of seals and the incidence of fish parasite infestations is a complex issue. Sign our petition to tell GrubHub to take shark fin off the menu now – before the ocean’s most iconic predators disappear.
Gray seals are considered of least concern by the IUCN Red List. Some countries allow gray seals to be legally killed to control populations and reduce the seal’s impact on commercially important fish stocks that may make up the seal’s diet. These pups, which are born with stark white fur, look unrecognizable next to the parents but will quickly shed this fur for the mottled brown and silver fur that adults have.

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