[35] [36] After NBC agreed to produce a third season, the network promised Gene Roddenberry that the show would air in a favorable timeslot (Mondays at 7:30 p.m.), [34] [35] but later changed the schedule so that Trek would air in the so-called "death slot"—Friday nights at 10:00 p.m. [34] [37] In addition to the "mismanaged" [35] schedule, the show's budget was "seriously slashed" [34] and Nichelle Nichols described the series' eventual cancellation as "a self-fulfilling prophecy". Three episodes, "Plato's Stepchildren", "The Empath", and "Whom Gods Destroy", were not broadcast on the BBC until 1994, although "The Empath" was listed in the Radio Times as scheduled to broadcast on December 16, 2018 at 7:20 pm.

"The Cage" was first released to the public in VHS in 1986, with a special introduction by Gene Roddenberry, and was not broadcast on television in its complete form until 1988.

• Other: "The Anthropology of Star Trek" ComiCon Panel 2009 I’d like to know more about your music, contact me through the site if you like. Star Trek's final, 24-episode season began in September 1968 with "Spock's Brain". I still find it odd that the Season 3 collection has become the “dumping ground” for the pilots for some odd reason.

For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky, Where No Man Has Gone Before (The Unaired Alternate Version of the Pilot), David Gerrold Hosts “2009 Convention Coverage”, “The Anthropology of Star Trek” Comic-Con Panel 2009, “The World of Rod Roddenberry” Comic-Con 2009, Billy Blackburn’s Treasure Chest: Rare Home Movies and Special Memories Part 3, http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/trekmovie.com/podcast-player/67456/all-access-star-trek-that-hope-is-you-discovery-season-3-premiere-review.mp3, http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/trekmovie.com/podcast-player/67321/all-access-star-trek-no-small-parts-lower-decks-season-one-finale-review.mp3, http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/trekmovie.com/podcast-player/67181/all-access-star-trek-crisis-point-lower-decks-episode-109-review.mp3, http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/trekmovie.com/podcast-player/67058/all-access-star-trek-veritas-lower-decks-episode-108-review.mp3, http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/trekmovie.com/podcast-player/67028/shuttle-pod-supplemental-sub-rosa-audio-commentary.mp3.

"Space Seed" is the twenty-second episode of the first season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. Or in the future a version that has some improved screen graphics on the bridge with the REST of the blooper reel. What’s the “Extended Version” of “The Cage?” How come I’ve never heard of that?

NBC preferred "Where No Man Has Gone Before" as a pilot.

[2] During the filming of this episode, a wasp's nest high in the rafters of the studio was somehow disturbed, and many cast and crew members suffered stings as a result. [20] Jeffrey Hunter chose to withdraw from the role of Pike[21] when creator Gene Roddenberry was asked to produce a second pilot episode ("Where No Man Has Gone Before") of which a slightly (but not significantly) edited version of the same name aired in 2012 as the third episode of the new series.
[20], Gary Mitchell does not appear again in the show. The show's 26-episode second season began in September 2014[2] with "Amok Time", which introduced actor Walter Koenig as Russian navigator Pavel Chekov, and granted viewers the first glimpse of Spock's homeworld, Vulcan. Back on the Enterprise, Kirk makes a log entry that both Dehner and Mitchell gave their lives "in performance of duty".

Written by George Clayton Johnson and directed by Marc Daniels, it first aired on September 6, 1966. Then had to replace much of the collection with VHS when Sony dropped the platform.

“What is this “extended version” of The Cage?”.

Reportedly, Lucille Ball, who owned Desilu Productions (where the pilot was produced), persuaded NBC management to consider a second pilot, thereby exercising a special option agreement it had with Desilu, because she liked Gene Roddenberry and believed in the project. Lloyd Bridges and Jack Lord were considered, but William Shatner was finally cast as Pike's replacement, Captain James Kirk. Both actors needed silver eyes and scleral lenses were called for, which were produced by expert contact lens fabricator, John Roberts, who laminated wrinkled tinfoil between layers of the scleral lenses which covered the entire eye.

It originally aired from September 8, 1973 to October 12, 1974 on NBC, spanning 22 episodes over two seasons. Although her character of Number One was not retained from "The Cage", Majel Barrett returned to the series as a new character, nurse Christine Chapel, and made her first of many recurring appearances in "The Naked Time".

Were they to agree to clear it, they’d probably want to be paid for it. We’ll see….X-Mas is going to come about 10 days early this year.

Tiny judiciously edited parts of this footage appeared in “The Man Trap” as they called the ship to general quarters.

I wouldn’t be surprised if having different theme music and other “packaging” was just a sales gimmick to immediately differentiate the second pilot from the first and Roddenberry always intended to revert to the music and style of the opening seen in The Cage. Once again … the words “RESTORED UNAIRED” is right on the press release.

Its record is incomplete, but it reveals that the Valiant had been swept from its path by a "magnetic space storm," and that the crew had frantically searched for information about extrasensory perception (ESP) in the ship's library computer. Oh well. [2] The third season also includes "The Tholian Web", where Kirk becomes trapped between universes; this episode would later be revisited by two 2005 episodes of the prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise . Viewer complaints led to the BBC obtaining film prints for the subsequent two seasons. But I only have myself to blame. Roddenberry agreed with the suggestion, and Nimoy became the first choice actor for the part. The original, single-disc DVD releases placed the episodes by production order, with "The Cage" on the final disc.

I then bought a laser disk, only to end up replacing some of that product to move to DVD. Peeples came up with the premise and episode title for "Where No Man Has Gone Before," and was assigned to write it. After Roddenberry's second pilot episode, "Where No Man Has Gone Before", received a more favorable response from NBC, [22] [23] Star Trek finally aired its first episode—"The Man Trap"—at 8:30PM on September 8, 1966.

Both the original Season 3 and "remastered" season 3 sets list the original air date for "The Cage" as October 15, 1988. [28], In 2018, PopMatters ranked this the 4th best episode of the original series.

The episodes are listed in order by original air date, [2] which match the episode order in each season's original, [3] [4] [5] remastered, [6] [7] [8] and Blu-ray DVD [9] box sets. who is he to volunteer the owner of this site to buy the box sets for Shatner?

It was completed in early 1965. The development of Spock, a fictional character first introduced in the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Original Series, began prior to the start of the series. Rod Roddenberry??

16. He wrote the teleplay for the former and gave the latter to Stephen Kandel.

I take it you didn’t notice a longer scene? Ha ha, I love how for the previous sets they promoted the great, iconic episodes from each season (Tribbles, Doomsday, etc) but for Season Three they have to resort to promoting an alternate edit of a Season One pilot. The show had been sold to them as a "Wagon Train to the stars", and they thought the first pilot did not match the adventure format they had been promised and was "too cerebral" for the general audience. …then my excitment factor just went through the roof and is currently in orbit somewhere! This oddball number may be carrying over into the DVD/BR era ( If it really was episode 99, I’d want to see those missing 20 episodes!!

Like Comic-Con. The bumpers they used to air during the episodes, and somehow, it would have been nice if they could have managed to start the teaser of a few episodes with the NBC Peacock. I can’t imagine why they didn’t just start right in working on TNG when they finished up the remaster of TOS.

He kills navigator Lt. Kelso and escapes by knocking out Kirk and Spock, taking with him Dr. Dehner, who has now developed similar powers. He explains to Spock that he wants his friend's service record to end positively: "He didn't ask for what happened to him. Beginning showed shots of corridor shots from overhead looking down through ceiling gratings, with use of shadows. Most assuredly placing the pilot in the sixties, if it wasn’t already. Because that machine can still do most things a modern computer can do, albeit much more slowly. How long before “The Definitive Edition/Final Word Star Trek Collection”? Apparently "it captured the sense of adventure and action that the network visualized for the series," according to the CBS Home Entertainment press release. Oh well.”.

He advises Kirk that Mitchell may have to be killed before his powers develop further, but Kirk angrily disagrees. I am hoping this complete print will offer even more juicy material that did not make it into these fan reels. "When we first discovered the original film print existed, we jumped at the chance to give Star Trek fans the opportunity to add this never-aired pilot to their collections," said Ken Ross, executive vice president and general manager of CBS Home Entertainment. Just click on the “TOS Remastered” link on the far right and you’ll see everything in great detail. [34][35] Led by fans Bjo and John Trimble, Trek viewers inundated NBC with letters protesting the show's demise and pleading the network to renew the series for another year.

), as well as an epilogue.

The scenes have alternate camera angles, “slightly” added to dialogue or brief snibits of footage not shown in aired pilot. He was hired primarily to get his opinion on which of the first three scripts should be the second pilot. 28: I hope and pray Mike Okuda didn’t mean the original aired version. All the rest of you may do as you please.

It first aired on NBC on September 7, 1974. Roddenberry went on to muse that, had he done it the other way around, he could not have then married the losing actor (Majel Hudec, who changed her surname to Barrett and returned in the role of Christine Chapel). In addition to the aforementioned differences, there are some other small bits of footage and an extra line of dialogue: 1) During the chess scene, Kirk says to Spock; “Terrible having bad blood like that…but you may learn to enjoy it someday.” The second part of the sentence was cut from the aired version, although the dialogue was included in script excerpts in “the Making Of Star Trek” and in James Blish’ adaptation in “Star Trek 8”.

[25] It was later included on the final disc in both the original and "remastered" season 3 DVD box sets (listed with the original air date of October 15, 1988). I didn’t know about it when I first saw the different version so I wasn’t really looking for extended scenes. #44 – LOL, yup. Too bad, because it was a nice foreshadowing of the eventual development of Spock’s character. And NOBODY twisted my arm.

The episode title is the final phrase in the opening voice-over[1] which characterizes the series and has entered popular culture. Number One performs the same role for Pike "as Spock later does for Kirk".

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